Finding Birthdays and Related Persons in One Step
(veromi & privateeye)

Stephen P. Morse, San Francisco


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Entering first name and full date of birth is useful for finding women when married name is unknown

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Display links to obtain the dates of birth What is this all about?

Caveat: If you specify an age and there is no match for the person, peoplefinder and veromi will tell you so and they will then give you matches ignoring the age. Privateeye will do the same but they never tell you that there was no match for your specified age. Same is true for date of birth if you specify it.

Also all three will sometimes be off by a year in doing their calculations. So although they might display the age of a particular person as being 38, you might have to enter 39 on the search form in order to get a hit for that person.

Data presented here comes from
Private Eye, People Finders, and Veromi all use the same database.

Stephen P. Morse, 2005