One-Step Website honored by Family Tree Magazine
Stephen P. Morse, San Francisco

January 4, 2002

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2002 Site of the Day Since its launch last spring, the online database of Ellis Island passenger records has become one of the Web's most popular destinations. Hard-core genealogists and first-time dabblers alike are turning to this important resource for finding immigrant ancestors. But searching the databse is time-consuming, especially if you want to filter out records. Stephen P. Morse offers you a way to search the entire [Ellis Island] database in one step. Plug in the information you're looking for, and watch the results pile up!
2005 Lesser-Known Tech Tools End your frustration with popular genealogy sites' search limitations. Steve Morse, who made searching the Ellis Island database a snap, has applied his Web wizardry to other ports of immigration, vital-records databases and, most notably, the US census.
2007 Web Tools Cut to the chase in a few dozen genealogy database sites, including Ellis Island,, Automated Genealogy and several SSDI destinations. This Web magician’s clever set of tools let you search them in a single step.
2008 Web Researchers Serious Web researchers will appreciate Steve Morse's site, which "drills down" into databases on other Web sites, including Ellis Island, Castle Garden, censuses and vital records, enabling users to perform complex searches with a single click.
2009 Cutting Edge Steve Morse keeps building better ways to search sites such as Ellis Island, Castle Garden, censuses and, most recently, the new Cook County site.
2010 Immigrant Research Although Steve Morse has come up with clever ways to search everything from census files to birthdays, about half his “one-step” searches simplify your quest for immigration answers. In addition to multiple ways to search Ellis Island and Castle Garden records, this site tackles other popular entry ports such as Baltimore, Galveston and San Francisco. (Note that you still need a subscription to access records that are on
2011 Tech Tools No Flash animation or fancy design here, but creator Steve Morse excels in the underlying tech of the web—building better ways to search the Ellis Island and Castle Garden websites, other immigration databases and online census collections.
2012 Online Genealogy Tools Recently spotlighted for its powerful tools to find ancestors’ enumeration districts in the 1940 census, this unassuming site also lets you “drill down” to search sites including Ellis Island, Castle Garden, other immigration databases and census collections—all in, as the title says, one step.
2013 Tracing Immigrants Genealogy database wizard Steve Morse means “one step” literally, as his powerful site swiftly retrieves relatives from Ellis Island, Castle Garden, Baltimore, Boston, Galveston, Philadelphia and San Francisco passenger records. The same magic works on censuses and vital records here, plus the site helps users stumped by foreign alphabets and genetic genealogy.
2014 Immigrant Research Though this clever collection of “one-step” search tools also covers census and vital records databases, it really shines in drilling down into the Ellis Island, Castle Garden and other immigration databases.
2015 Tech Tools Steve Morse has figured out how to drill down into genealogy databases—passenger records, census collections, vital records and more—and let you search them from a single, flexible yet simple interface.
2016 Tech Tools Use Steve Morse’s flexible search forms to search other sites’ genealogy databases—censuses, passenger lists (including those from less well-known ports), vital records and more—with one click. Results from subscription sites require a fee to access the record.
2017 Tech Tools Clever Steve Morse has figured out how to dive deep into genealogy databases—notably censuses and passenger records—with flexible search forms. (Matches in subscription websites require payment to view.)
2018 Best Genealogy Apps and Tech Tools
Best Website for Immigrant Research
From censuses to vital records, foreign calendars to alphabets, Steve Morse empowers visitors to drill down into genealogy and related databases. You can skip intros and tedious forms and use more-flexible search options. To view results on a fee-based website, you do need a subscription to that site.
2019 Apps and Tech Tools
Steve Morse’s plain-looking but powerful site contains tools for finding immigration records, census records and vital records with a single click, plus tools for dealing with calendars, maps, foreign alphabets and more.
2020 Apps and Tech Tools
Let Steve Morse show you how to dive into passenger lists, vital and census records and more with a single click. You’ll also find handy tools for deciphering old maps, calendar twists and foreign alphabets.
2021 Best Genealogy Tech Tools
Nothing fancy here, just “one-step” tools to make your searching easier: immigration records, census records, vital records, and help with calendars, maps, foreign alphabets and more.
2022 Best Genealogy Tech Tools
Steve Morse has figured out how to perform “one-step” deep dives into immigration records, census records (including 1950 enumeration districts) and vital records. He’ll also guide you through the historical twists of calendars, foreign alphabets, old maps and more. Morse was a guest on the March 2022 episode of the Family Tree Podcast.
2023 Best Genealogy Tech Tools
Steve Morse’s web wizardry lets you do a deep dive into resources such as censuses, vital records, and passenger lists with a single click. The site is also worth a visit for help with old calendars, foreign alphabets, old maps and more.