Evolutionary Changes to the "Look & Feel" of the One-Step Website

Stephen P. Morse

The One-Step website has undergone several face-lifts over the years.  Here are some archival copies of what the website looked like during different periods.  It has evolved from just a collection of links, to the use of buttons to identify the subpages, to the use of sections to organize the information, to the current use of folders and color.

Although these archival pages are snapshots from the past of the One-Step homepage, the pages that these archival pages link to are the current versions.

LINKS:   1997 to April 2001

BUTTONS:   May 2001 to November 2002

SECTIONS:   December 2002 to February 2004

FOLDERS:   March 2004 to October 2004

COLOR:   October 2004 to December 2007

MOUSE-OVER MENU:   January 2008 to June 2010

SUB-SECTIONS:   July 2010 to Present

The URL of the website has evolved over time as well.

http://people.netscape.com/morse:  1997 to April 2001

http://sites.netscape.net/stephenpmorse:  May 2001 to July 2001

http://home.pacbell.net/spmorse: July 2001 to March 2003

http://stevemorse.org:  March 2003 to September 2017

https://stevemorse.org:  September 2017 to perpetuity