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Map with Street Names

Street Index:

Bebitz Street (between 8a-8b)
Beth Hakhaim Street (between 4g-4i)
Broida Street (between 7d-7f)
Holivetzker Street (between 8c-8d)
Kosciusko Street (between 7a-8a)
Market Place (7c)
Pruzhany Street (from 2b-3a,3a to 2f-3f)
Shemaiya Street (between 8b-8c, below Shossay)
Sherntzel Street (from 7e-7g to 7f-7h)
Shossay [Highway] (from3a-4a to right margin beyond 7l-8h)
Subinsky Street (between 3h-7d)
Szkolnah Street (from 1c-1d to 3c-3d, above Shossay)
Tabolitzki Street (between 4f-4g, below Shossay)
Third of May Street (from 5c,7a to 5f,7j)
Ulianer Street (from 3e, 3g to 3f, 3h)
Zatzika Street (between 4i-8a, below Shossay)
Zerkovna Street (between 1g,2f-5c)


1: Warsaw 300 km, Brest 100 km, Kobrin 54 km (between 3a-4a)
2: Moscow 1000 km, Baranowicz 100 km, Kosow 30 km (between 7l-8h)
3: Pruzhany 30 km, Maleck 18 km, Bluden 5 km (between 2b-3b)
4: Antopol Village 45 km, Durhitzum Village 40 km (between 4b-4e)
5: Chomsk Villiage 30km, Pinsk 40 km (between 4i-8a)
6: Rotznoi 40 km, Seltz 10 km (between 5b-6a)

7: Village Statistics

   490 Jewish Families
   359 Jewish Houses
   256 Gentile Families
   225 Gentile Houses
   5 Synagogues
   1 Catholic Church
   1 Russian Orthodox Church
   1 Hebrew (Zionist) School (Tarbut)
   1 Yiddish (Leftist) School
   1 Talmud Torah
   1 Government Public School
   1 Theater
   1 Hospital
   1 Clinic
   1 City Hall
   1 Police Station
   1 Fire Station
   1 Jail House

Captions in wooded areas on right side of actual map (area not shown on abreviated maps above)

Northern area above railroad tracks:

Area of patisans from Dimitrov Legion with whom I fought here in 1942-1944,  Mosheh Tukhman

Clearing in wooded area below preceding caption:
Scattered houses of Pubezeni Village (Khutares)

Just below preceding caption and in same clearing
Murmazove Village

In smaller clearing below preceding clearing of preceding captions
Kruleh Village

Just below preceding caption and in same clearing
Zarize Village

Southern area below railroad tracks:
They were loved and pleasant in life and remained together in death.  Here is the brotherly common grave of the Jews of Bereza and surroundings that were shot by the Germans and their helpers (may their names and memories be obliterated).

Below preceding caption, next to two houses in a small clearing at the left of the wooded area just above the Shossay
Forest Watchman Sokolovski

In a small clearing below the preceding one, on the other side of the Shossay
Smurka Village

In another small clearing, to the right of preceding one
Relitze Village

Large caption in the wooded area below the Shossay
Tombstone for the hallowed victims of our town Bereza-Kartuska and surrounding areas murdered in 1942 by the accursed Germans and their helpers (may their names and memories by oblitered).  In memory of my dear parents: Yehudah and Bashke Tukhman, in memory of my sisters: Mashe, Mine, Esther and Hanna, in memory of those killed as partisans, at the front and in other places.  I memorialize the blessed victimized families and the town in which they lived, in grattitude for having been chosen to survive the wars as a Polish soldier on September 1, 1939, as a German prisoner, in the ghetto, with the partisans and in the Russian army.  Moshe Tukhman, 18 Bergson Street, Ramat Aviv, Israel.  Tel. 03-427485

On unnamed road just across the river and below the Shossay
Zarize Village

Below Zarize Village, on two diverging roads headed south
Chomsk Village 30 kms
Pinsk 40 kms
By way of: Strifin, Subin, Nibaiah, Holobitzkes, Visoka, Prodewitz, Pozi, Prozi, Mostik, Hiolisez, Zhabar, Chomsk, Sokolow, Aradnica, Parma, Boitishina, Pisk, Kostiniuka, Iarzevicz, Niv, Nivka, Manievich, Ulashka.