Kartuz - Breze

Yizkor Book (1993)

Names of those who died from the Kartuz-Breze Ghetto ( p. 213 -235)

Compiled and Translated by Ellen Sadove Renck - Yizkor Transliterator, Jay Lenefsky & Steve Morse

Here is a list of people that is derived from the Kartuz Breze Yizkor Book. The list consists of about 2200 people out of 4500. Users should be advised that spelling is arbitrary -- transliterated from the Hebrew based on what "looked right," so different spellings of a sought surname should be tried based on soundex-interchangable letters and letter combinations. For example, "p" for "f" , "oh" "eh" "for "a" , "v" for "b" any vowel for any vowel, etc. Names beginning with aleph in Hebrew can begin with any vowel in English transliteration.

From the Kartuz Breze Book -- A Preface to the Following List

About 4500 Jews lived in Kartuz Breze and it's surroundings on the eve of the second world war. Just about all of them died in the holocaust.

We brought here the details of about 2500 men,women and children, residents of our town. In most cases the peoples full name, where they lived in the town and even family relations were noted. In many cases we brought only the family relation because even though the editors made a collective effort as well as the rest of the former residents of Kartuz Breze, we weren't able to remembers their names.

The list of survivors and the list of those who fell fighting are noted further on bringing a total of about 100 names. Thus we are missing alot of more names altogether from the "Yizkor" list.

The editors and the former residents of Kartuz Breze who are alive today, made every effort to find out the missing names. To our great dismay we weren't able to add more names to the list. It has to be remembered that after 50 and sometimes more years, it isn't possible to remember each and every name. Just so, is it with the pictures that appear in this book. We weren't in many cases able to identify the people. Even though they were in front of us.....

Thus about 2500 names alone are listed in the following lists. But we morn over 4500 of our brothers, sisiters, parents, relatives, neighbors and just simple jews who were annihilated from this world, just because they were jews. May our Lord remember them for the better along with the other righteous of the world, and take revenge on the spilled blood of your servents!

SurnameFirst NamesWhere they lived in BerezaNumber in FamilyRemarks
AharonovitzYisakhar and wife and 2 daughters and mother and sister of YisakharLinks6 
AlexandrovskiMoshe, his wife Chaya born Goldberg, daughter Ritza & husband & daughterLinks next to the Chassidim Shtibel5knowledge of medicine
AlprinBen Tzion wife Miriam, sons Avraham and MenachemShasay across from Zaltzman4tailor .
AlprinMushke widower & son AsherOlner next to Epshtein2 
AlprinYirachmiel, wife Etel, daughter Batya & daughterShasay across from Zaltzman4sticher /sewer
AltmanMeita daughter of Chemah, wagon ownerShasay next to fire dept.1 
ApelboimChana (Miyasevitz), daughter Mariasha, daughter ChumahShasay Berezman Home3 
ApelboimYehuda and wife and sonOlner next to Shapira3 
AshmanAharon and wife Shasay opposite the Woodmill2 
AshmanShalom and wifeShasay opposite the Woodmill2photographer
AshmanYacov and wife Faya (born Seltzski) and 2 sons and a daughterShasay next to the "Kezremes" by Seltzski5photographer
Ba'yerAvraham and sister and motherPublic housing ???3shoemaker (employee)
Ba'yerChaim and wife and son Tzerkovna3tailor
Ba'yerEliezer, wife Rakhel daughter of RashehTzerkovna3tailor
Ba'yerMendel and wife and 3 daughters and sonShkolna across from the "Tarbut" School6tailor
Ba'yerYosef, wife Chashke, daughter Tzina, daughter Fruma, and son Yosef AharonShkolna across from the "Tarbut" School5Carpenter
BalgaleiLeibel and wife Rakhel and son (son inlaw of Yakhnah Vershevski)across from the public bath house3carpenter
BarkleidYosef and wife and 2 sons and 2 sisters of Yosef: Peitza and Rachelnext to Yehuda Potek6Metal worker
BarkleidZelig, wife Chana (born Polak) and mother of Zeligbehind the "Kezremes" next to Hetzigeleneya3In charge of the workshop of the bricks
BarnitzkiEster and her husbandmarket place next to Naidos2 
BatlaiYacov and wife Feitza (daughter of Mordechai Vinik) and daughterOlner with Mordechai Vinik3 
BeizerFishel and wife and son LeiblPublic housing ???3Forest laborer
BekerPesach and sister Freitzel from OtovetzkShasay lived with Chaim-Zelig Blykher 2 
BerelemMotel and wife Ester and daughter Peshka and another daughterOlner in Yehuda Tuchman's house4Canteen in the market place
BerezmanMoshe and wife Berta and son Siyuma and daughter IdaShasay across from Tebulitzki4 
BerezmanYehoshu and wife Ester and daughter Leah and son BenyaminLinks4 
BerkovitzMotel and wife Pesel and son LeibelPruzany St. 3grain merchant
BerkovitzPeishke and wife and daughter Vikhna and son David and another 2 daughtersPost office 6blacksmith
BermanAvramelPublic housing ???1shoemaker empolyee
BermanLeizer son of Malka, brother of Devora RappaportShasay across from Greenberg1electrician
BermanMeir and sister DevoraShasay across from Greenberg2shoemaker empolyee
BermanRivka (widow of Motiya) and daughtermarket place2 
BermanTubah (widow), son Nachum and wife and daughterPublic housing ???4 
BermanYeshayahu and wife Miriam and 2 daughters and mother of MiriamPublic housing ???5worked in the cemetery
BilchikChaya-Etel, widow and daughter ChanaShasay next to Zaltzman2General Store
BilchikEliyahu-Yosef and wife Sara Elka and daughter LibaPruzany St. next to the synagogue3 
BilchikFeivel and wife Bracha and daughter ShifraTabolitzki3 
BilchikShleimka and wife Sara born KolishevskiTabolitzki2carpenter
Blumand wife and 2 daughters and son and mother3 May St.6Store
BlumshteinChana-Musha from LineveShasay in Greenvald house1 
BlumshteinShleimka and wife Sheindel and 2 daughters Peshke and Chuma3 May St. next to Mendel Ravitz4Store for writing materials
BlumshteinShoika and wife Sima (daughter of Felek Rashinski) and daughterShasay in Felek Rashinski's house3 
BlyakherChaim-Zelig and wifeShasay next to Sovinski2tailor
BlyakherChinka (widow from Moscow) and daughter MalkaLinks next to Chaim Epshtein2 
BlyakherYitzchak and wife Bluma and son and daughterShernetzel St.4shoemaker
BokshteinAlter (windower)Shernetzel St.1
BokshteinAryeh and wife Yokha and 5 daughters; Plata, Hadka, Sarahka, Pereleh, MirelShasay next to Zaltzman7Soda Factory
BokshteinAsher, wife HenyaBroyda St.2
BokshteinChaim (- son of Alter)Shernetzel St.1 
BokshteinDavid and wife and son Sheimah and son Avraham, and 2 sons and daughterShasay across from Greenberg7Butcher
BokshteinEitzel and wife (daughter of Yacov Icheh Druker who lives in Mordechai Zakheim's house)Shasay corner of Shernetzel2Horse merchant
BokshteinPesach and wife and 2 children (son of Shlomo)next to Naidos Gershon4Butcher
BokshteinPesach, wife Sara (born Chesler), son Moshe and 2 daughtersShasay next to Shtuker Sima5Horse merchant 
Chesler ch=chair
BokshteinShlomo and wifenext to Naidos Gershon4Butcher
BokshteinTuviah, wife Sara and 2 daughters (son of Alter)Shernetzel St.4Horse merchant
Bokshteinwidow of Yehuda and 2 daughtersnext to Naidos Gershon3butcher shop
BokshteinYitzchak, wife Hinda (born Galprin), and daughters; Roza, Chinka son YosefPered Shtat5shoemaker
BokshteinZuna, wife Baske and daughter Baile and son NotaShasay next to Volovelski4shoemaker
Bovitzwidow of YisaskharShasay next to Riterman1Paramecia
BravermanHenia (widow of Yanche), son Nisan and grandmother Leah BlumaShasay across from woodmill3 
BravermanMeir and wife and son Leibl and Tovah3 May St.4Bakery
Bravermanwidow of Efraim, son Chaim, son Meir, daughter Tzviah and another daughterOlner next Fisher5Harness/leather
Brazovski(Shamekheh) and daughterShasay next to Levinzon2 
BrazovskiHenia (widow of Yehuda the teacher) and daughter HodesLinks across from Shlosberg2 
BrazovskiRuben and wife LeahLinks across from Shlosberg2carpenter empolyee
BreishaEfraim and wife DovkaBavitz St2sold lottery tickets
BreishaLeiba and wife and 2 sonsPost office st.4blacksmith
BrendelLeibel (Kashes) and wife Bracha and 3 sons and 2 daughters and motherlinks8barber
BroidaChaim and wife Merl (born Langer)Shasay across from Volovelski2 
BroidaLeibel, his wife Rakhel and son Shalom and daughter Bashke and her husbandPered Shtat next to the river5shoemaker
BroidaMendel & wife and mother. The son of Shlomo (of blessed memory) Chassid Broyda St.3Restaurant
BroidaYisrael and wife and 3 daughters and son inlawShasay across from Volovelski6Grocery store
BronshteinAsher and wife ChashaTelbulitzki2sewing shop
Bukh'halterFeivel and wife Mushke, son Leibl and son and daughterSeltz St.5Butcher
Bukh'halterHirshel, wife Bobel and son Kalmanclose the to "Kadisha" Synagogue3Butcher
Bukh'halterMeir and wife Elka and 2 daughters and son KalmanShernetzel St.5Fabric store
Bukh'halterYosef and wife and son Tuviah, daughter Keila, son Mayer, son YitzchakSeltz St.6Butcher
Chaikin Nachman and wife and son MordechaiCorner of Shasay and Shernetzel3Grocery store
ChariskiEliyahu and wife and daughter Sonia (from the village of Nevka)lived in Yehuda Potek's home 3
ChemerinskiMeirPered Stat1 
ChemerinskiZeidel and wife and 2 childrenPered Stat4 
CherliShaul, wife Sharakah (daughter of Bokshtein ), and daughter Cherinalived in Chaikin's home on Shernetzel St.3Cherina ch=chair
ChomskiChana (wife of Yosef) and son Meir and daughter TziporaMarket place across from Barman3
ChomskiHillel and wife and daughter Chashka and son PinkhasSeltzer4Fruit merchant
ChomskiYehuda and wife and 3 childrenSeltzer5Buyer of grain
DenenbergHirshel and wife and son Yosef, daughter Zelda and another 2 daughtersLinks6shoemaker 
DentzigLeiby and wife Mikhla and daughter LeahShasay next to the "Kezremes"3Roof fixer
DerchinskiEliyahu and wife Sheina (born Dubovski and 2 daughtersOlner on top of Vineshtein4Carpenter 
Derchinski ch=chair
DerchinskiMeilakh and wife Freidel, son Baruch, daughter Feigel and daughter ChayachehOlner on top of Vineshtein5Farbic store 
Derchinski / Chayacheh ch=chair 
DerchinskiMichael and wife Devosha born TukhmanOlner on top of Vineshtein2Buyer of butter and chickens 
Derchinski ch=chair 
DitkovitzAharon and wife Shifra and 2 daughters3 May St.4Painter
DitkovitzNachum Icheh and wife and daughter Beilecheh3 May St.3Metal worker 
Beilecheh / Icheh ch=chair 
DitkovitzShmuel and wife Chana (daughter of Berl Kravitzik) and sonBroyda St. in Berel Kravitzik's home3Painter
DrogochinskiShaul, and wife Chaya Eshke, son Leibel and son Feivel and daughter Sheina and daughter BashehOlner next to Potek6Tranports sid in a wagon from Lioishki to Bluden
DrokerLeibeh and wife Rasheh, son Yitzchak, daughter Peshka and another daughterOlner lived in Yosha's house5Tranports sid in a wagon from Lioishki to Bluden
DubinskiEster (widow), 3 sons: Moshe, Pinchas, and Tzvi , 2 daughters: Fruma and BreinaOlner - daughter of Yosha the Coach owner6store
DubovskiAvraham and wife Zeditever St. next to Niselboim2buyer of fish and Chickens
DulginNachman and wife Freida and son Yehuda and son Leibel and daughter EitkaShasay near bridge #25Blacksmith
EgolnikArchik & wife & son and daughtermarket place next to Vineshtein4ARCHIK ch=chair
EgosHenya (widow), 2 sons Michael and ChaimOlner3 
EidelsbergDavid & 2 daughters, one married and husbandacross from the "Keserketin"4Bakery
EidelshteinArniel & wife Chaya and daughternext to post office3Brick factorty
EizenbergMairim& daughter and husband Eliyahu, and 2 sonsmarket place 5Beverage store
EizenshteinAkhsah, son -Losia (Lawyer) & wife & sonmarket place4Fabric store
EizenshteinChananyah, his wife Bobel, daughter Neomi; Rivka daughter of Chananyah and her husband Ichkeh, and 2 sonsmarket place7store 
Ichkeh ch=chair 
EizenshteinDavid, his wife Belecheh, son Mendel and daughterOlner next to Fisher4Belecheh ch=chair
EizenshteinMax, his wife Sarah (born Udelovski) and daughterZeditevah3 
EizenshteinMoshe (son inlaw of Volovelski) & wife Pamatza, son Benyamin & mother inlaw wife of Volovelski) Shasay by Volovelski4 
EizenshteinYirakhmiel, his wife Rakhel, son Idel and 3 daughtersLinks next to Alexandrovski6 
ElbergMosheLinks next to Shlosberg1Builder of wooden houses
ElbergYosef & wife Eitka and daughterLinks across from Shlosberg3Barber
ElmanAharon Shmuel & wife & handicaped daughter & her husband Shlomo & 2 daughtersShasay next to bridge #16shoemaker
EngelMushke (daughter of Arkeh Pomerantz) & husband & daughter ChanaShasay next to bridge #13kiosk
EpshteinChaim and wife Reizel, daughter Rivka, daughter LeahLinks4Shoemaker
EpshteinFeigel and husband and 2 childrenShasay by Goldfein near Bridge #24daughter of Shimon from the village of Oo'lian
EpshteinGavriel and wifeShkolna 2Glazier
EpshteinLeibel & wife Rakhel born FotekOlner2carpenter
EpshteinMoshe-Eli and wife Tzviyah (born Suvinski) 2carpenter
EpshteinShimcha, wife Pola, son Moshe and daughterShasay next to Woodmill4Flourmill
EpshteinShmuel and wife Dina and 3 daughtersShasay next to Voloveski5Grocery store
EpshteinYehoshua & wife daughter of Leah & 3 sonsShasay next to Voloveski6Carpenter/
EpshteinYosef-Shimcha and wife Chana and son Kalman. Daughter LeibaOlner4Shoemaker
EpshteinZalman and sisterLinks2Carpenter
EpshteinZalman and wifeShasay next to Voloveski2Carpenter
ExmanAharon and wife Yenta and 2 daughter and mother of Yenta, Reshles Estermarket place5Store for dairy items
ExmanHirshel, wife Reizel3 May St.2
ExmanShalom and wife Zoneh born Goldshtein and 2 children3 May St.4Shoemaker
FeigelmanBerel and wife and son KalmanLinks3Shames (Synagogue Sextant)
FeigenblatDavid and wife and mother inlaw Freida and daughter Sara, daughter Shoshana and another daughterShasay across from Levinzon5Fabric store
FeingoldSender and wife Libchah and 2 daughters and sonShasay close to the post office5worked in the Sid factory
Libchah ch=chair
FeldmanChaim and daughter Feigel and her husband and sonOlner5Tailor
Finkelwidow and married daughter and her husband and sonShasay next to the Post Office4Grocery Store
FishelsShmuel and wifeShasay; lived in Shlomo the Shochet's home2Shochet
FisherYitzchak. Wife Chana Rakhel. Daughter Nekhama and another daughter LibaOlner4 
FishmanVelya widow and son Leibel and daughter Manya (Polonskerkah)Shkolna next to the "Tarbut" School"3 
Frankel(Brezman) widow Ora and son Menakhem and another sonShasay across from the fire station3Store for writing materials
FrankelPaula and her husbandShasay; lived in Eliezer Neiman's home2Paula was a dentist
FrankelRakhel widow and son David and son Eliyahu and daughter Sara and daughter3 May St. across from Exman5 
FriedenbergMutieh and wife (daughter of Chinka Kagan) and 2 sonsShasay; lived with Kagan (who was across from Greenberg)4 
FriedenbergShimon (nickname Chipuk )and wife Sara MenukhaShernetzel2sold fruit
FriedenbergYacov and wife Eitka and son Leibel and daughter HeindaShernetzel4Tailor
FriedenshteinBenyamin and wife Eta (daughter of Feigel Geler) and daughterShasay; lived with Geler3worked in the forest
FriedenshteinMoshe (son of Yacov-Asher and Rakhel), wife Leah, and son3 May St. across from Exman3 
FriedenshteinYacov-Asher, wife Rakhel (born Goldberg), son Shimcha, daughter Freidel (Orphan)Shasay; corner of Tabolitzki4Lumber merchant
FriedmanAlter (his children), daughter Ester, daughter Sheprintza, daughter Sulki, son Shmuel3 May St.4 
FriedmanAvraham and wife and daughter Leah and her husband and daughter of LeahEnd of Shasay next to Bridge #25 
FriedmanDavid (Bolshevik) and wife Reizel, daughters: Cherna, Sheindel, Ester; sons: Shmuel, Shimon, Naftali, Moshe, Avraham; Chaim Aryeh and his wife Feigel and their Berel3 May St.14Builder of wooden houses 
Cherna ch=chair
FriedmanDavid (son of Yosef Reuben) wife Mikhla and 4 daughters and a sonShatz St.7 
FriedmanFridel widow and sonPruzany St. across from Bilitzik2Glazier
FriedmanHershel, wife Blumka (daughter of Modish Galprin) and 2 sonsShasay; lived in Chaya Etel Bilistzik's home4Fixed bicycles
FriedmanIcheh and wife and 2 daughtersMarket Place across from Serlin4Icheh ch=chair
FriedmanMichael and wife, daughter Otka, daughter Rakhel, and daughter TziporaShasay near the post office5son of Yosef Reuben
FriedmanMoshe (son of Yosef) and wife (daughter of Benyamin Kobrin)Market place; lived with Kobrin2Blacksmith
FriedmanNakhman and wife, daughter Zlatka, daughter Feigel, daughter Chana, daughter Henia, son Yosef 7 
FriedmanNakhum-Iche widower and daughter Sheindel,Beit Chaim2Carpenter 
Icheh ch=chair
FriedmanSheina Breina and daughter Henia and her husband and 2 daughtersShasay next to bridge #25Brought chickens and fish
Friedmanwidow of Yosef Reuven and son Shalom and son HershelShatz St.3 
FriedmanYosef and wife and son KalmanShasay across from Sima Shtoker3Blacksmith
Galprin Isser, wife (nickname Pashe)Pered Stat2Builder of wooden houses
GalprinFeivel and wife Keila (born Kravitz)Shasay next to Dantzik2Lumber merchant
GalprinMadosh and wife Henia and daughter LubkaAcross from Yehuda Potek3forest merchant 
(Lumber ?)
GalprinMoshe (nickname Pasha)Pered Stat1Builder of wooden houses
GalprinPeicheh (lived in Ben Tzion Alpron's house)Shasay across from Zaltzman1Nurse
GalprinSheina and sister Eta and her husbandPered Stat3 
GalprinShmuel and wife Friedaka and daughter LeahPered Stat3Builder of wooden houses
GalprinYisrael Tzadok and wife Hodes and daughter Peitza and daughter MilehShasay next to Dantzig4Lumber merchant
GelerFeigel (widow)Shasay corner of Post Office1Partnership in Shoe store
GelerRakhel (widow of Hillel)Olner1 
GelmanAharon, wife LeahSeltzer2Store
Gerberdaughter Rakhel and daughter Tzviah, and 2 more daughtersin the courtyard of Devora Berkovitz5shoemaker 
German Alter and wife Gitel and daughter Liba and another daughter MinaShasay next to Mendel Broida4Fabric Store 
German G=Good 
GermanAlter and wife and son ChanonShernetzel3Grain Buyer 
German G=Good 
GermanKalman and wife Blumka and daughter Miriam and son YosefShasay4Fixed Bicycles 
German G=Good 
GermanShepsel and wife Ester, daughter of Berel & Tzalka ReshetShasay next to Levinzon2Grain merchant 
German G=Good 
Gershgorn Baruch and mother Malka and wife and sonBeit Chaim4Kiosk selling sweets
Gershgorn Moshe and wifeShasay across from Gerber2Woman's tailor
GinshpringAvraham Yitzchak and wifeShasay across from Levinzon2from the village Varmut Grain Merchant
GinshpringChaim and wife Teibel and daughter (lives in Avraham Pomerantz's home)Shasay close to the bridge3fruit merchant
GinshpringMoshe-Shimcha, wife Breina and son Benyamin and daughter Ester and daughter Sara and her husband and sonOlner7fruit merchant
GinzburgNisan and wife and 3 daughters and sonShasay across from Vinik6Restaurant
GlezerAharon, wife, daughter Chaya, daughter Doba, another daughter and grandmothermarket place6Store
GlezerEli and wife and son and daughterBroyda St.4Beverage Store
GlezerIssac, wife, daughter (nickname Teigakatz)Broyda St.3Beverage Store
GlezerSa'adya, wife Pesel, and two sonsBroyda St.4Fabric Store
GlezerYacov and wife Baska (daughter of Alter German), daughter, and mother of YacovBroyda St.4Store 
German G=Good
Glutzerman(daughter of Nachum Yudel) 2 sons and a daughter 3 May St.4 
GlutzermanAvraham and wife Beila and her sister, a daughter and 3 sonsnext to "Kadishay" Synagogue7Labor foreman by Vilnik - making roads
GlutzermanElimelekh and wife Chana, son Shlomo, son Shimcha, daughter Mera and another daughterSeltzer6Worked in the flourmill by Makerniski
GoldbergHirshel and wife Rivka (born Grosman) and 4 sons: Aharaon, Shimshon, Yosef, Moshelinks6nickname Shtreialach
GoldbergIcheh-Hirshel and wife and 2 daughtersnext to "Kadishay" Synagogue4Butcher 
Icheh ch=chair
GoldbergIcheh (Yitzchak) (son of Yisrael and Yenta), and wife Sonia (born Lovshevski), son Mordechai and another son YacovTzerkovena4Icheh ch=chair
GoldbergLeibe (son of Yisrael and Yenta) and wife and 3 childrenlinks next to Burgman5 
GoldbergMordechai and wife Sheina, daughter Feigel, daughter Leah, son Shmuel-DavidBroyda St.5Butcher
GoldbergMoshe-Aharon, wife Chaya, daughter LeahOlner next to Tuchman3 
GoldbergPincheh and wife and sister of Pincheh, Gitel, son Yacov, son David, son Chaim, daughter MalkaShasay across from Beit Chaim St.St. (? Cemetery St.)7Pincheh 
GoldbergYisrael and wife (daughter of Shlomo Bokshtein), daughter Feigel, son Henek and another 3 daughterscorner of Shernetzel St. and 3 May St.7buyer of flax
GoldfeinShmuelShasay close to the bridge1Flourmill owner
Goldshtein Zuna and wifeBroyda St.2tailor
Gordonwidow, son Benyamin, daughter and her husband and 2 daughtersShasay next to Ashman6From the village 
Horeche ch=chair
GorodetzkiNachum and wife and childShasay with Vinik3Electrical engineer
GostovskiMoshe and wife, son David and another 3 sonsmarket place6Harness/leather
GreenbergAvraham, wife Rivka, 3 daughters: Feigel, Mushka, Dova, and son LeibelOlner6tailor
GreenbergShmuel and wife Ester Rakhel (born Samorovitzki) and 2 sons: Aharon and MosheShasay across from the "Talmud Torah"4Kiosk selling newpapaers
GreenvaldRasha and daughter Sonia and son Feivel (pharmacy)Shasay across from Beit Chaim St.St. (? Cemetery St.)3 
GreivskiEitzel, Chashka, and another sisterShernetzel3worked in Sid (white 
wash ) factory
GreivskiFeivel and wife Chava (daughter of Rakhel Geler) and sonOlner with Rakhel Geler3worked in Sid (white 
wash ) factory
GrosmanEliyahu (nickname Streialakh) and wifenear bridge #22store
GubermanShmuel and wife and daughter and motherShasay next to fire station4owner of a warehouse of rags
GubermanYikhiel and wife and 2 childrenShasay in Michael Friedman's home4owner of a warehouse of rags
GubermanYosef and wife and son Yitzel and son Avramel and DavidShasay next to fire station5 
HaidemakMoshe and wife and son Dov and 2 daughtersShasay in Shlomo the Shochet's house5store
HalprinEster and daughter Vikhna, daughter Elka, daughter Roza and her husband and daughter Sonia and son Kalman  7village - Lisotzitz
HalprinYisrael and Golda, son Fishel-Leib, daughter Otka, son Avraham 5village - Nivka
LebershteinHershel and wife Tzirel and daughterShasay across from the post office3partners with Liskovski -fabric store
KabrenAvraham Yehoshua and wifeTzerkovna2Store for metal
KabrenBenyamin and wife and son Gershon and daughter (from the village of Pishke)Market place next to Niselboim4Shoemaker
KabrenYehoshua (son of Benyamin) and wife Gitel (born Kleiman) and childMarket place next to Niselboim3Shoemaker
KaganAvigdor and wife and daughter Chaya and 2 childrenShasay across from Shernetzel5Glazier
KaganBaruch-Yacov and wife Chana-TzviyaShasay across from Guberman2Shoemaker
KaganBobke and married daughter and her husband and 2 childrenBiet Chaim5
KaganChinka and married daughter Chaya and her husband and 2 childrenShasay across from Greenberg5
KaganDavid and wife and daughterShasay across from Shernetzel3Wife was seamstress
KaganMendel, wife Chana (daughter Shimon Friedenberg) and daughterShernetzel lived with Friedenberg3Wagon owner
KaganMoshe, wife Rasha and son and daughterBiet Chaim4Store
KaganShaimah, wife Kaileh and son Betzalel and son Itzik and daughter EitkaShasay next to Feingold5
KaganShulim and wife Elka born Siminovski and daughter Tzirelah3
KaganYekhiel-Moshe, wife Chava, daughter Feigel, daughter Bailetza, son Asher, son MenashehShasay next to Arye Bokshtein6tailor
KaganYisrael and wife and daughter Doba and daughter Makhla3 May St.4
KaganYoel Mordechia and wife Ester and 3 daughters: Frida, Sara, TzirelShasay next to bridge #25Shoemaker
KaganYosef and wife Devora (Berkovitz) and son HillelShasay across from the wood mill3
KaganZalman and wife and 2 daughtersShasay across from Guberman4sticher / sewer
KaganskiBerel-Leib and wife, son Yosef, son Avraham, daughter Shoshana and sonShkolna across from the "Tarbut" school6Store in the market place
KamintzkiCheitzah (widow of Yosef who was killed by the Kazremes 1939), daughter Ester, and daughter Yosefa)Olner; lived in Tukhman's house4 
KamintzkiDavid and wife and 2 daughtersShasay across from the Talmud Torah4Carpenter 
KamintzkiShaul, wife Zlata, daughter Bracha and daughter ChayaPruzany St. next to the Synagogue4A kiosk in the market place for baked goods 
KamintzkiShlomo, wife Sara and 2 sons and a daughterLived in the courtyard of the fire staion5Metal worker fixed bicycles
KantorAvraham and brother BerelLinks2hired tailors
KaplanFrom the town of Pruzany and 2 daughters and a son inlaw and son of one of the daughtersShasay next to the Kezremes5Grocery store
KaplanChava, widow, mother of Leibel and Sheindel Blumshtein3 May St.1 
KaplanFishel, wife, and daughter, and aunt Chana MaleikhehOlner4 
KaplanIsser (widower) and daughter Meiteh and another daughter Gitel and husband ChaimOlner4Cultivated lands
KaplanLeibl and wife Etel (daughter of Zlata Subinski) & daughterOlner; lived with Zlata Subinski3Music teacher
KaplanMordechai, daughter Mikhla, daughter Reva, son Mendel, son Avramel and 2nd wife Freidel and a mutual daughter Tzerkovna corner of Links7Bakery
KaplanMoshe, wife Zlatkeh, daughter Teibel, son Avraham, and YirakhmielTzerkovna5Bicycle Store
KaplanTzipa (daughter of Icheh Lisker) and daughter Teibel and 2 sonsShernetzel; lived with father - Icheh Lisker4Her husband Leibel transported merchandise from Branovitz. He was sent to Russia and he died there. 
Icheh ch=chair
KaplanYehoshua, wife Elka (Midwife) and daughter Mina and son VolekPost office St.4Yehoshua worked in the bank
KarinskiIsrael, wife, daughter, sonShasay next to bridge 4Shoemaker
KarinskiShlomo, wife, 2 sons and 3 daughtersTavolitzki7Shoemaker
KarinskiShmuel (Beinishy's) and wife and 2 sons and 3 daughtersShkolna across from the "Tarbut" school7Tailor
KarinskiYosef and wife, and son Shimcha, on Sana and another son IsaacMarket place next to the "Kadishai" Synagogue5Store for leather / animal hides
KarpelMoshe and wife Khinka (born German) and daughter Rakhel and TziporaShasay next to Bavitz4Store for leather / animal hides German g=good
KarshinskiThe teacher (who was a son-in-law of Chaim Aryeh Burgman) and wife and daughterLinks across from the synagogue3Teacher
KarsikVelvel and wife (daughter of Yosef Karinski) and 2 daughtersSobinski next to Kravitz4Store
KasYacov and daughter with her husband and 2 daughtersShatz (sidestreet)5Yacov used to grind flour in the flourmill
KasirskiChanon, wife Bashke, daughter Leah, daughter Tzipora, son AvigdorShasay across from the wood mill5Grain merchant
KasirskiFeigeh (widow) and son Icheh, daughter married to BeinishBavitz St.4Grain merchant
KavaYacov and wife and daughter and son3 May St.4Upholstery
KelnitzkiYisakhar and wife Chaya and brother of Chaya and daughter and 2 sonsShasay corner of Zediteva6Grocery wholesaler
KipenTeibel (widow of Moniya the shoemaker) and son and daughterShernetzel across from Shlomo Bockshtein's 3 
KirzhnerMoshe, wife Toiba and daughter Mera and daughter Chaya3 May St. next to the bridge4Tailor
KirzhnerNakhum, wife Bashka and 3 sons and daughter Links next to Hershel Goldberg6Tailor
KirzhnerYosef and wife (the blind one)3 May St. next to the bridge2 
KirzhnerYosef and wife and son Yeshayau and daughter3 May St. next to the bridge4Tailor
Kleiman Avraham Yitzchak, wife Rakhel, 2 daughters: Henia, and Risha, and 4 sons: Shlomo, Shalom, Mairim, YosefPruzany St. across from the Synagogue8Hat maker
KleimanMordechai, wife RishaPruzany St. across from the Synagogue2Wooden house builder
KleimanYosef-Aharon, wife Fruma and daughter Freitzka and daughter RishaShasay; across from the fire station4Wooden house builder
KobrinskiShimon, brother Moshe, wife of Shimon (born Feigelman)Lived in Glutzerman's home; next to the "Kadishai" synagogue3Moshe was a hired shoemaker
KolishevskiFishel, wife Reva, son HertzlBeit Chaim3Tailor
KolishevskiZusha, wife Leah (daughter of Nakhman Fridman)Beit Chaim; lived in father's home -Fishel Kolishevski2Zusha was a hired shoemaker
KolodenerEfraim, wife Gitel, 3 daughters: Nekhama, Ester, Leba, son ShaulShkolna next to the government public school6 
KolodeniIsrael, wife Sima (daughter of Asher Bukshtein) and son and 2 daughtersBroida5Horse and fruit merchant
KopriansiFruma (widow) and son Shmuel and another son RafaelBeit Chaim3Candy store next to the fire station
Kosovski(wife, who from Blodnia) and daughter ChomaMarket Place2Grocery Store
KosovskiTzemach, wife Teibel (born Roterman) and son and sister of TzemachShasay; lived in the Roterman's home4Grain merchant
KovelBerel, wife Veleh, 4 sons: Yosef, Shayeh, Zundel, Yacov, and daughter RivkaShasay; corner of Beit Chaim7Blacksmith
KovelMoshe, wife Beilkeh (born Chesler) and sonPruzany St.; in the home of Rotka3Fixed bicycles 
Chesler ch=chair
KovelPinya and wife Basha (born Ravenitzki) and son Moshe and son Noakh and daughter EtkaPost office sSt.5Metal worker and blacksmith
KravchikBerel and wife (from Shereshov)Boida2Hat maker
KravchikEli and wife (from Shereshov)Boida2Hat maker
KravelnikHershel, wife Liza and son David, daughter Ester, daughter Paula and her husband and sonShasay across from Vinik7Lumber merchant
KravichYacov, wife Bluma and daughter Teibel and her husband and sonBoida5Harness maker
KravitzFeivel, wife Mikhla (daughter of Michael Dratzinski) and daughters Leah, Sara, BelahSobinski5Fabric store
KravtzikLeizer, Perel, daughter Rivka, daughter Reizel daughter from 1st wife -- From second wife: daughter Miriam, son Israel-Chaim, son AsherPruzany corner of Shkolna7Fish Merchant
KrolitzkiHillel (widower), daughter Choma and her husband and daughterShernetzel4Transport merchandise on horse back
KrolitzkiRikel (sister of Hillel), widow, and son Idel3 May St.2Grocery Store
KronikAshke (widow of Zelig), and daughter Ester and daughter SaraShasay next to Berel Kovel3 
KropchitzkiAsher and wife Bobel (daughter Golda Lispozhnik) and son and daughterOlner next to Yosef Simcha Epshtein4Tailor
KushtzichYitzchak, wife O'nyota, son Betzalel and another daughterOlner; lived in David Pomerantz's house4Kushtzich ch= chair
LangerChaim and wife, and sister of Chaim: Eitka and her husband and 2 daughters3 May St. next to the River6Tailor; son Kalman was killed in 1939
LangerShepsel, wife Teibel, and son Kalman, daughter Devosha and another daughter Mikhal3 May St. next to the River5Tailor
LedermanDavid and wife and wife's mother, daughter Masha, 2 daughters and 2 sonsShasay; lived in Sima Shtoker's home8processed sheep hide
LefinLeizer and wife nickname LapidotShernetzel2Fruit merchant
LefinMeir and wife and 2 daughtersShasay next to Zonshein4Fruit merchant
Leibehfrom the village of Senevitz and wife and daughterZeditever3Grain merchant
LeizerovitzIcheh, wife Gitel and daughter RaizelOlner3Shoemaker 
Icheh ch=chair
LeizerovitzShmerel, wife Ester, son AvrahamOlner next to Yehuda Tukhman3Shoemaker
LeizerovitzYosef, wife Rakhel, son Moshe, daughterShasay next to Leiba Tukhman4Shoemaker
LevinzonNaftali and wife Miriam, wife's sister, son Molik, son Vik, and daughterShasay7Grocery store
LezerovskiChaim, wife Chashka (born Pomerantz) and sonShasay next Olner3Grain merchant
LezerovskiZosha, wife Gitel, daughter RivkaShasay next to Olner3Grain merchant
LibermanChana-Gitel, widowLinks1 
LibermanShepsel, wife Sara born Graivski, son, daughterEnd of Shasay; lived in Shmuel Goldfein's house4 
LinovskiEiitzel and wife born Liberman. Ginendel Liberman and her husband and sonShernetzel5Grain merchant
LisitzkiBaruch, wife Rivka, son Shepsel, grandmother DinaSovinski4Butcher
LisitzkiMoshe Zerach and his familyBluden train station4Butcher
LiskerAlter, wife Elka, daughter Bailatza and her husband Zekharya and daughterPruzany across from the synagogue5worked in the Sid factory
LiskerAvraham, wife Elka, and wife's sisterLinks3sold kerosene 
LiskerChaim and wife and son and daughterShernetzel St.4Grocery store
LiskerIchehShernetzel1Roof maker Icheh ch=chair
LiskerMoshe and wife Sara born Podorovski and son Shaika, daughter MatelehBeit Chaim4worked in the Sid factory
LiskovskiAharon, wife Fruma and daughterBeit Chaim3Rags merchant
LiskovskiChanan, wife and 2 sons and daughterCourt yard of the fire station5Wagon driver
LiskovskiChona and wife and 5 sonsShasay next to Sima Shtoker7Rags merchant
LiskovskiGedalyahu wife Devosha and childShkolna next to the "Tarbut" school3Rags merchant
LiskovskiHenekh, wife Velah, daughter Keileh, son Moshe, Sara Liskovski and her husband and sonSovinski7Store for fabric and clothing
LiskovskiLeib and wife and son and daughterLived in Kipen's house which was across from Gershon Naidos 4Rags merchant
LiskovskiMoshe-Henekh, wife Zlata and 2 daughtersShkolna next to the school4Wagon driver
LiskovskiMoshe and wife and married daughter and her husband, and son Hertzel and another sonBeit Chaim6Merchant
LiskovskiRiva-Gitel and daughter Teibel and her husband Meir and 2 sons and 3 daughtersBeit Chaim St.next the School8Shoemaker
LiskovskiSarah, widow of ShlomoShkolna next to the "Tarbut" school1 
LovshevskiHershel Velvel and wife Zlata and daughter ChanaTzerkovena3Painter
MekerenskiYisrael and wife and son Avraham and son Moshe and daughterShasay next to the wood mill5Flourmill owner
MeltzerFeivel and wife and daughterOlner next to Vineshtein3Store
Miasnik (could be first name?)wife Gitel, daughter of Shalom BroidaPered Stat next to the River2Worked in the Slaughter house
MikhlinskiSima (widow) and 4 sonsPost Office St.5Smithy/forge
MikhlinskiYitzchak and wife, son Leibel, son Sender, and son Chaim and another sonPost Office St.6Blacksmith
MilikovskiShimon and wife and daughterSeltzer3Store for animal hides
MilikovskiYacov and daughter Doba and son MotelOlner3Store for animal hides
MinkovitzYekutiel and wife Sara and daughter Osnat3 May St.3Melamed (religious subjects teacher)
MinkovskiTzviya (daughter of Aharon Pomerantz) and ChildShasay next to Bridge #12 
MiskinTodres, wife, son Liebel, son Chaim Berel, son Shepsel and daughterTzerkovena6Manager of the Bath House
MolodovskiYacov and wife and daughter Malka and another daughter and sonShernetzel5Grocery store
MoshkovitzYacov and wife and son Berel, son Icheh, son Yokhanan, daughter Pelteht, daughter Mikhla and her husband and two childrenMarket place10Makes tomb stone also beverage store
MovshovitzEliezer, wife Sara (daughter of Bobka Kagan)Shasay next to fire station2Barber
MovshovitzMoshe and wife Chaya and son and daughterShasay next to fire station4Barber
Mozikenskiwidow (born in Chelm, Poland) and daughter Rivka and son YitzchakOlner; lived in Milikovski's house3 
NaftaelLeizer, wife Sara, and 4 daughters and sonLinks across from shlosberg7 
NeidosGershon and wife Ester and daughter Faniyeh and her husbandAcross from the "Kadishai" Synagogue4Tree merchant
NeidosShimon and wife Bilha and daughter Elka and son DavidAcross from the "Kadishai" Synagogue4Tree merchant
NeimanEliezer, mother Sheine Yudes, wife Chana and 2 childrenShasay next to Leib Tukhman5Grocery store
NiselboimBenyamin and wife born Lovshevski and 3 childrenMarket place next to Neidos5Sewer, animal hides store
NiselboimShimon and daughter MalkaZeditever2 
Nostzkiwidow of Avraham and 2 daughtersAcross from the "Kadishai" Synagogue3 
NostzkiYitzchak and wife Chaya and daughter Yokheved and another daughter MashaAcross from the Post office building4Fish merchant
NovikMoshe and wife Lea (born Lisitzki) and sonSovinski; lived in Lisitzki's house3Sewer
NovinskiFishel and wife and 2 sonsShasay across from the Talmud Tora4Shoemaker
NudelShlomo, wife born Feigelman and daughterShasay across from Beit Chaim St.3Tailor
Ontermanwidow of Moshe & son Sanah and another sonShasay across from the post office3 
OrbachYekhiel, his wife Shoshana & daughter & 2 sonsShkolna across from Polnesker5Barber
OshechevskiMotel & Wife, son Levik & daughter Ida her husband and sonCorner of Olner and market place6Cigarette store
Oshrovitzwidow of the Rabbi & daughter ShifraShasay across from Goberman2 
Pe'alkovand wife Chaya and 2 sons and daughter 5 
PeikovAlta and sister ChashkePruzany St. 2Seamstresses
PeltkovskiAvramchik and wife Henia Leah and daughter Aidel and daughter ReitzaBeit Chaim4Tailor 
Avramchik ch=chair
PesetzkiGutel, wife RivkaMarket Place2Shoe Store
PesetzkiMoshe Leib (son of Gutel) and wife Ida and 2 daughtersShasay across from Zaltzman4Workshop for winter boots
PesetzkiPesha and her husband Asher (nickname Seiparta)Olner next to Epshtein2fixed rubber boots
PesetzkiSima and her husband Avrahamel (nickname Seiparta)Olner next to Epshtein2fixed rubber boots
PeshelMeir and wife and son Yitzchak and 3 daughtersPost Office6Chicken merchant
PezesRakhel and son Archik, and another son Yitzik and a daughterOlner; lived in Epshtein's house4 
PileshchikFrom the shtetl of Seltz, lived in the ghetto and wife and son Yudel and 2 children3 May St.5Pileshchik ch=chair
PileshchikIdel, wife Sheina (born Breisha) and 2 daughtersPost Office St.; lived in Breisha's home4Carpenter from Seltz Pileshchik ch=chair
PinchukEster (widow of Chaim). 3 daughters: Kheika, Peiah, FeigelPost Office St.4 
PinchukMeir, wife Rivka (daughter of Rakhel Geler), son Hillel, son ShmuelOlner; lived in Rakhel Geler's home4Butcher
PitkovskiAvraham, wife Rakhel (daughter Feivel Kravitz) and daughterOlner; lived in David Pomerantz's house3Store
PitkovskiMoshe and wife Rivka, daughter SheindelPruzany St. 3Wood / Lumber merchant
PiukChaim and wife and 2 daughter (the son of Pineiyah)Beit Chaim; Lived with father4Sold deli
PiukGershon, wife Rochama and daughter AdelShasay across from Levinzon3Butcher
PiukPineiyah and wife BreinaBeit Chaim2Deli manufacturer
PlantovskiYosef, wife Chasia and son Hershel, daugher MekhlaShasay across from Goldfein4Carpenter 
PodorovskiEidel and wife Rivka (born Berenshtein)Beit Chaim; Lived with father2 
PodorovskiYosef Chaim, wife Keila-Chaya, daughter Meita, son LeibBeit Chaim4Metal Worker
PodostroitzaAryeh Leib and wife, daughter ChanaShernetzel St.; lived in Shlomo Bockshtein's house3Flour Store
PodostroitzaMeir and wife Rivka and daughter GoldaShasay next to the wood mill3Partner in the flourmill
PodostroitzaYacov and wife Rozka( born Velinski)Shasay; Lived Chaim Velinski2 
PodostroitzaYitzchak and wifeShasay; Lived in Begen's home across from Guberman2Partner with Sa'adya Resnik
PodostroitzaYosef and wife Rivka and son and 2 daughtersMarket Place next to the gentile Likhotzki5Store
Polakand wife, 2 daughters, and daughter and her husband the once lived in the village KeresnevorMarket Place6Restaurant
PolakAvraham and wife and 2 daughtersMarket Place4Grain Merchant
PomerantzAharon and wife and daughter Liba, daughter Musha, son MeirShasay next to Bridge #15 
PomerantzAvraham (widower) and son DavidShasay across from Sima Shtoker2Blacksmith
PomerantzAvraham and wife and daughter BreinaOlner; next to the public bath house3Clothing store
PomerantzAvramel and mother and wife and daughterPered Stat4worked in the Sid factory
PomerantzBenyamin (Hichkas) and wife Chaya (husband was a Chassid)3 May St.2Store in the market place Hichkas ch=chair
PomerantzBerel (son of Benyamin) and wife and 3 children3 May St.; lived in parent's home5Was supported by father- Benyamin
PomerantzBerel and wife and 2 daughtersPost Office St.4Soda Factory
PomerantzChaim, son of Velvel the butcher who went to the USAShasay across from the post office1Butcher
PomerantzDavid and wife (from the village of Sholin)Olner; across from Vineshtein2 
PomerantzEitzel and wife Leika (daughter of Moshe Gershgoren) and sonPered Stat3worked in the Sid factory
PomerantzEliezer and wife Chana and son and daughterPost Office St.4Soda Factory
PomerantzKhama and wife Yona (Teibel) [daughter of Reznik from Afula, Israel] and daughterOlner; lived in Shmerel Lazerovitch's home3 
PomerantzLeibe, wife Sara-Feigel, 4 sons: Ora, Meir, Yitzchak, Shimcha; and 2 daughters: Mosha, Risha, and 2 grandmothers: Rakhel Pomerantz, Fruma Doidovitz Shasay next to bridge #110Shoemaker
PomerantzLiba (widow) and 2 childrenShasay next to bridge #13Her husband was kill in 1939
PomerantzMotel, brother Icheh, sister ChanaShemayahu3 
PomerantzMotiyah and wifeCorner of Subinski and the market place2Store
PomerantzMushke and husband and daughterShasay next to bridge #13Kiosk
PomerantzShabtai and wife (born Lefin) and 2 sons and daughterShernetzel St.5Blacksmith
PomerantzShalom (son of Zalman) and wife and sonSubinski; lived in father's house3Money (foreign) changer
PomerantzShalom and wife and daughter and sonShasay across from the fire station 4Merchant
PomerantzShepsel, wife Chaya Freida and son Yisrael and son BenyaminPered Stat the last house4Blacksmith from the village of Sholin
PomerantzShmuel , wife Sheina and sonShasay across from the fire station 3Grocery Store
PomerantzShmuel Issac, wife RashePost Office St.2Soda Factory
PomerantzTeibel and her sister ( daughters of Motiya)Subinski2Shoe Store
PomerantzYeshayahu and mother and sister and her husband & 2 sonsShasay across from Goldfein6Blacksmith
PomerantzZalman a widower and daughter and her husbandSubinski; next to Lisitzki3Money (foreign) changer
PomerantzZelig and wife Liba born Podorovski and daughterMarket Place; lived with father - Motiya3 
PortnoyAharon and wife Sara (daughter of Hillel Krolitzki) and 3 sonsLinks; lived in Hillel Krolitzki's home5Brought merchandise from the city of Brisk
PortnoyYacov-Leib and daughter Matel and her husband & 2 sons3 May St.5Manufactured oil
PotekYehuda, wife Beila, son Israel,son Berl, 3 daughters: Perel, Baska, and ChayaBeginning of Olner St.7Shoe Store
PotekYosef and wife and 2 daughters3 May St. next to the river4Sold fruits
PotzinikiZelig and wife Bashke, son Zalman and another 2 sonsOlner next to Avraham Greenberg5Was an underground Shochet 
Privolskiand daughter Chamke and her husband Leibel and 2 daughtersTzerkovna5Nickname Pakterke
PrivolskiMendel, wife Gutke, and son Chaim, son Berel, daughter DevoraPost Office St.5Tilled the fields in the village of Aronova
RabinovitzAharon, wife (nickname dedeleh)Market place next to Polak2Store
RabinovitzBerel and wife and son Nakhum-Meir3 May St. next to Axman3Store in the market place
RabinovitzVelvel, wife Belka (daughter of Tukman living across from Levinzon) and sonShasay; lived with Tukman who lived across from Levinzon3Worked in the woodmill
RabinovitzYacov (widower) and daughter Teibel and three sons: Chaim, Motel, BenyaminPruzany St. across from the Synagogue5Mohel
RashesBerel-Tzalka and wife and son Icheh and son Yacov; Shasay next to Levinzon4Restaurant
RashesSheptel and wifeLinks2Teacher in the Yiddish school 
RavitzMendel, wife Leba (daughter of Moshe Gershgoren) and son Berel and daughterShasay; lived with father inlaw Moshe Gershgoren4Sewer
RavitzMendel, wife Sheina, son Yekhezkel and daughter Feigel3 May St. corner of Tzerkovna4Grocery Store
Ravnitzki Yacov, wife Freidel, daughter Malka, son YitzchakSobinski4Sewer
ReshinskiFalek and wifeShasay across from Levinzon2 
ReshinskiMeir and wife Sarah-Rivka and son Shimon and son Peretz and daughter Breina and her husbandShasay corner of Shkolna6Sold salt and cigarettes
ReshinskiOvadya (son of Falek) and wife Teibel (born Fodostroitza)Lived in Fodostroitza home2 
ReshinskiReizel (daughter of Falek), and husband and sonShasay across from Levinzon3 
ReshinskiShaul, wife Bela (daughter of Yincheh Braverman) and daughter YaelShasay; lived across from the woodmill in Braverman's home3Made boots from wool and also barrels for fires. Yincheh ch=chair
ReshlesYosef and wife Rakhel (daughter of Yisrael Kagan) and widow of Naftali GoldbergAcross from Shatz3 
RetnovskiFradel and daughter Ester and granddaughterShasay next to Tevolitzki3Boarding house
ReznikAvraham, wife Tzirel (born Alexanderovski) and sonLived with Alexandrovski across from the synagogue3Worked in the woodmill
ReznikBenyamin Leib (widower) and daughter and her husband, and daughter and son3 May St.5Worked in the Sid factory
ReznikLeizer (nickname Bogur) and wife and daughter and sonSobinski; lived with Leib Reznik4Kiosk
ReznikSa'adya, wife Mircha and daughter Gitel and son YosefShasay next to Guberman4Supplier to the army
ReznikShalom Moshe, wife PeshkeShasay next to Guberman2Butcher
ReznikShmerel and wife and daughterShasay next to Guberman3Merchant of cow hide
ReznikVelvel and wife and son (son of Yacov)Lived with father , across from Teboliski3Work with father in cattle commerce
ReznikYacov and wife Bashke and son Avraham and daughter Yaffa and daughter YonaShasay; across from Teboliski5Cattle Merchant
ReznikYona and wife and daughter Mara3 May St.3Teacher in the Yiddish school 
RinbergMeir and wife Feiga-ChayaPost Office2 
RitermanChaya (widow of Sa'adya) and son AvrahamShasay next to Bavitz2 
Rogelskiand wife Bella (daughter of Avraham Yitzchak Ginshpring)Shasay with Ginshping2Grain merchant with his father inlaw
RogovitzChaim (Shayes) and wifeShasay next to Vinik2Butcher
RogovitzHershel, wife born Burgman, son Moshe, and 2 daughtersShasay next to Vinik5Butcher
RokhmesTzemach and wife and 3 daughtersBavitz St. next to Kesirski5Fixed shoes and boots
RozenfeldAniya (widow) and daughter Frumacourtyard of the fire station2seamstress
RozovskiHershel, wife Kreindel and daughter RoniaMarket place corner of 3 May St.3Shochet
RubinshteinEfraim, wife Yehudit (daughter of Moshe Liskovski) , Henek and 2 daughtersLinks4Rags merchant
RubinshteinHershel and wife and daughter FrumaPost office St.3Shoemaker
RubinshteinRiva, alone nickname ShasikhehAcross from the public bath house1At 01:05 a.m. she would put the chicken outside
RupinMendel (nickname HaLoshe), wife Tila and son Chaim and son Leibl and another son3 May St. next to Minkovitz5Transport merchandise in a wagon from Brisk (Brest Litovsk)
SakharovRivka (widow of Yisrael Leizer from the city of Kosova) and son LeibelOlner; lived in Yehuda Tuchman's home2Relative (maybe to Yehuda Tuchman)
Sapirand sister from from Bludaneya bought Moshe Goldshtein's houseShasay2Owner of the Flourmill
SapirNachman, wife LeahLinks2Barber and Musical Instruments
SapirYitzchak, wife Glisha born Baizer, and daughterZeditevah3Barber and Musical Instruments
SapirshteinAvraham and wife and 2 childrenShasay; Across from Leib Tukhman4Watch maker
SapirshteinYehoshua and wife Elka. Son Velvel and another sonShasay; lived with father4Watch maker
SeletzkiEfraim and wife and son Motia and son Bobka3 May St.4Oil manufacturer
SeletzkiMeir, wife Hadasa (daughter of Chana-Gitel LibermanMarket Place; lived with Avraham Abba (father?)2Sewer
SeletzkiSon-in-law of Motiya Pomerantz, and wife and 2 sons, daughter Liba and another daughterMarket Place next to Berman6Grinder in the flourmill
SeletzkiYacov. his mother the widow - EitkaShasay next to the Kezremes2Fire staion Chief
SemorovitzkiMotel. Wife Mushka (daughter of Hershel Goldberg) and daughternext to the Main (big) Synagogue3 
SepoznikAvraham, wife Yenta and 2 daughtersBeit Chaim4Builder (Bricks)
SepoznikGolda, widow of Yacov Eli and motherOlner2Avraham's mother
SepoznikMoshe and wife (daughter of Baruch Yacov Kagan)Side street Laizerka across from the Postebenik2Tailor
SepoznikYosef and wife. Daughter Gitel, son Leika, son Shaul and another daughterBeit Chaim6tinsmith
SerlinDavid and wife Zlatka, son Shlomo, son Hershel, daughter GitelPruzany St. next to the Main (Big) Synagogue5Hotel
ShapiraBenyamin and wife Rakhel and son AlekShasay next to the post office3Owner of the sid factory
ShapiraDinkeh (sister of Benyamin), daughter of Shakhna YosefOlner1 
ShapiraShimshon and wife Beila, daughter PeichaShasay across from Tevolitzki3Peicha was a dentist Peicha ch=chair
SheinboimHenia Zlata (widow) and 4 daughters: Hinda, Fradel, Sheina, ZeldaShasay across from Leiba Tukhman5Store
ShekermanYehuda and wife and daughterShasay next to Volovelski3Tailor
SheliapochnikYitzchak and wife Leika (daughter of Leiba Tukhman) and sonShasay; lived in Tukhman's home3Lived until 1939 in Neiman near Lida
ShemeivskiChana Masha (widow) and 3 sons and 2 daughtersOlner across from Shteinerman6Her husband was a tailor
ShererAvraham and wife Masha (daughter of Leizer Lefin) and childShernetzel; lived with Fein3Fruit merchant with his father inlaw - Leizer Fein
ShevetzYakov , 2nd wife and 2 mutual children End of Shasay next to Goldfein4Musical instruments
ShevrinskiWidow of Chaim and 3 daughters and son Avraham and son ShlomoShasay across from the fire station6Her husband was a harness maker; the daughters were seamstresses
ShlomovitzSarah (wife of Pishke, daughter-in-law of Yosel) and daughter3 May St.; lived in Krolitzki's house2Her husband was sent to Russia in 1941
ShlomovitzYosef, wife Golda, daughter Chaika and daughter Gitel3 May St.; lived in Krolitzki's house4Also lived in the village of Livishki
ShlosbergYacov, wife Bobche, and Sender (son of Bobche)Links next to the government public school3Metal worker Bobche ch=chair
ShorokmanYacov and wife (daughter of Chana Gitel Liberman) and 2 daughtersShernetzel; lived with Liberman4Grain Merchant
ShteinermanNakhum, wife Beila, son Hershel, son Shalom, daughter Itka, daughter Zelda and another two sonsOlner8Wagon owner, son of Yoshai
ShtokerShimon (son of Berl amd Sima that made aliya to Israel)Shasay next to bridge #11hired carpenter
ShtokerYitzchak, and wife Devora,daughters Yenta and Rakhel, and son EliezerShasay next to Kravelnik5 
ShushanMotel (widower) and son Yisrael and son Yosef and daughter SaraShasay next to Rabbi Vigodski5Yisrael (son) was a Shochet
ShusterAvraham and wife and sonPost office 3 
ShusterChaim and wife and daughterPost Office3Bagel baker
ShvartzBaruch and wife and mother and 2 daughters3 May St.5Paint store
ShvartzNiakha, wife Leah (born Fridenshtein) and daughterOlner; lived with mother - Rakhel3Electrician
ShvartzRakhel and son Icheh of family Shakhna Yosef ShapiroOlner2 
Siminovski Hershel, wife Roza (daughter of Yisrael Goldberg)Shernetzel St.; lived in Yisrael Goldberg's house2Carpenter
SiminovskiMordechai and wife and son ZalmanShasay next to the Talmud Torah3 
SiminovskiVelvel, wife Raizel, daughter Chaya, daughter Sara, daughter Meita, son YitzchakShasay next to Bridge #26 
SlodovnikAvraham, wife Eitka (born Kaplan) and 2 daughters and sonOlner5Bakery of Eitka Maleikha
SokolovskiAkiva and wife Peicheh (daughter of Felek Rashinski) and 2 sonsBroyda4Fabric store 
Peicheh ch=chair 
SolnitzYekhiel, wife Regina and daughter Leah, grandmother TubaShasay next to Mikhael Friedman4worked in the Sid factory
Sondekwidow, son Yitzik, son Yehuda, son Shimcha, son Yoska and another sonPered Stat6Fruit merchant
SoronovskiArniel and wive Doba, daughter Breina, daugter Leah, sister of Doba; Henia 5 
SubinskiDavid and wife and son Chaim and son and 4 daughtersPered Stat 8Wagon owner
SubinskiElimelekh and wife and daughter and son MosheShmayahu4Horse Merchant
SubinskiHershel and wife Leah, son Eitzel and son Michael and daughter Raizel 5 
SubinskiMeirim, wife Malka (Daughter of Moshe Gershgorn and 2 daughtersBeit Chaim4Shoemaker
SubinskiNatan (Noteh)Subinski1Soda Store
SubinskiSara Leah, widowSubinski1 
SubinskiYacov and wife Chaya and son Shmuel 3 
SubinskiZlata, widowBeit Chaim1 
TabolitzkiMoshe, wife Zehava and daughter Rakhelcorner of Shasay and Tabolitzki3Owner of agricultural estate
TekechChava and sister Haliba; daughters of Yoel the builderTebolitzki2seamstresses 
Tekech ch=chair
TekechEliyahu, wife Breina, and daughter NekhaTebolitzki3orderly in the theater Tekech ch=chair 
TekechNisan and wife Henia, son Meir, daughter Baska, and daughterOlner5worked in the forest Tekech ch=chair
TekechYisrael and wife and 3 daughtersShasay next Dantzig5worked in the forest Tekech ch=chair
TeperEliyahu, wife Zalta (daughter of Shlomo Veinshtein) and daughterOlner with Veinshtein3Zalta was a teacher
Tilmanwife, daughter (they lived once at the Bludanya Train Station)Market place3Grocery store
TropHarav Yosef Chaim, and wife Sara3 May St.2Rabbi
TropLeibel (son of the rabbi), wife Baska and 2 sons: Shlomo and David, and daughter Rakhel3 May St. with his father5Store
TrosYehoshua, and wife Nekha and son Eliezer and sonShernetzel4Fabric Store
Tukhman Chaika, Ester Tukman, Elimelekh TukmanShasay across from Levinzon3Elimelech was a barber
Tukhman Elimelekh and wife Yenta (born Siminovski) and son Zerakh and daughter CherinaShasay next to the Talmud Torah4Butcher 
Cherina ch=chair
Tukhman Leib and wife Sarah-RishaShasay across from Sapirshtein2field laborer
Tukhman Mikhlay, brother Yitzchak, sister Henia (children of Moshe)Shasay across from the Talmud Torah3Harness / leather
Tukhman Saneh, wife Choma (daughter of Avraham Friedman)next to "Kadishai" Synagogue2Butcher
Tukhman Sara (wife of Itceh), son Avraham, son Moshe, daughter Cherna3 May St. in Aba Ditkovitz's home4Icheh passed away in Israel 
Icheh / Cherna ch=chair
Tukhman Yehuda, wife Batya, daughter Minay, daughter Ester, daughter ChanaOlner5
Tukhman Zelig, wife Chaya-Gitel and son Meir, son Asher, duaghter Rivkanext to "Kadishai" Synagogue5Butcher
TzirolnikHerzkeh, wife Leah (from the town of Ruzanoi) and daughterMarket place next to "Kadishai" Synagogue3Grocery Store
TzirolnikLipa (son of Mordechai) and wifeShasay next to bridge #1; lived with Shtoker2Grocery Store
TzirolnikMenasha, wife Riva, son Chaim, son Moshe, 2 daughtersShasay close to brigde #26Blacksmith and Grocery store
TzirolnikMendel and wife and daughter (all the Tzirulniks are from the village of Pisk /Fisk)Shasay close to brigde #23Grocery Store
TzirolnikMordechai and wife and son BerelShasay next to bridge #1; lived with Shtoker3Grocery Store
Tzuker widow of MosheBeit Chaim; across from the public housing1Her husband was a porter
TzukermanMechla (widow) and daughter Chana and her husband Shmuel YabelonskiLinks next to Shlosberg3 
VeinshteinSara (daughter of Michael Friedman) wife of Vaveh and sonShasay in the home of Michael Friedman2Her husband Vaveh is in Canada
VeinshteinShlomo and wife ChayaCorner of Olner and the Market Place2Sold kerosene and Benzine
VenderMotl and wife and 3 daughters3 May St.5Grocery store
VershevskiFruma and her husband and sonAcross from the public bath house3
VershevskiNaftali and wife and sonBeit Chaim3Store for fixing shoes
VinikBeneiah and wife and 2 childrenShasay close to the Post Office4Road contractor
VinikMordechai and wife Tzerena and son Leibel and daughter ChayaOlner4Matzah Baker
VinikShimon and wife Roza and 2 daughtersPruzany in home of Yacov Rabinovich4Soda store
VinikYacov and wife Leah born GerberShasay next to Gerber2Soda Store
VinikYisrael and wife and 2 sons: Ovadiya and Eliyahu with 2 daughtersShasay next to the Talmud Torah6Worked in the Slaughter house
VinikZalman and wife and son and daughterShasay next to the Talmud Torah4Builder of wooden houses
VinikorMordechai, wife Beila, daughter Pesel, daughter Leah and another 3 daughters Tebolitzki next to Berenshtein7shoemaker 
VisotzkiNekhemya and wife Ester and daughter NekhmaOlner next to Fisher3Store
VoigodskiHaRav Sender, wife Eitka and 2 sons Yacov, Yehuda and 2 daughtersShasay across from Guberman6Rabbi of the City
VolenskiChaim and wife Mirka, son Avraham and 2 daughtersShasay next to Greenberg5Merchant of hay and foder
VolenskiLeah (widow), son HenekThe Post Office2
VolovelskiEliyahu and wife Panaya and sonShasay in Shamaya Yablonovski's home3store for agricultural machinery
VolovelskiLeibel and wife Shoshana born Reshinski and 2 sonsShkolna next to Moshe Berezman4store for agricultural machinery
VolpovitzYisrael and wife and 3 sons: Shevakh, Leibel, Yehoshua, daughter SaraShasay corner of Broyda St.6Grocery store
YabelonovitzBaruch-Laizer and wife and son Moshe and daughterShasay next to the post office4upholstery
YabelonovitzMoshe (single, not married) son of ShmayahuShasay across from Volovelski1
YabelonovitzShmayahu and wifeShasay across from Volovelski2Harness / leather
YahalomEliezer's ( from Bludaniya) wife and her sister Yosepha and sonShasay in Chaim Zelig Blakher's home3Eliezer was a teacher
YahalomEster (wife of Avraham in the USA) and 2 daughters and son3 May St.4
YahalomShimcha, wife Masha (daughter of the butcher Pomerantz) and daughterShasay in Chaim Pomerantz's home3
YahalomZisel (widow) and son Shmuel and daughter MalkaShasay across from Vinik3Store
YeverChaim and wife Chana (daughter of Shepsel Pomerantz-from the village: Shilin) and sonPered Stat the last house3worked in Kalinski's store
YeverFeivel, wife Hinda, daughter Sara and another daughter TzviyaLinks; in father's home across from Sholsberg4
YeverYitzkhak Mordekhai and wife Teibel (daughter of Avraham Greenberg) and daughterLinks; in father's home across from Sholsberg3Worked in the bank
YudelevskiAharon-Eli, wife Hadasa, son MosheOlner3Furniture carpenter
YudelevskiShlomoShasay next to Vinik2Shochet
YudelevskiYekhial Nisel and wifeZeditever2
ZakheimChaim, wife Masha and son Tzvi and son Matityahu and daughterShasay next to Greenberg5Hat maker
ZakheimMordechai and wife and daughter SoniaCorner of Shasay and Shernetzel3Tin smith
ZakheimNisan and wife Liba and son BenyaminPruzany3Vice Mayor
Zakheimwidow of Yosef and son BenyaminShasay next to Levinzon2Soda Factory
ZakheimYacov and wife Hadasa born FeldmanShasay next to Levinzon2Soda Factory 
ZakheimYona and wife Pesel, daughter of Hillel KrolitzkiShasay next to Greenberg2Steel / Metal Store
ZakheimZalman and wife and married daughter and 2 daughtersZeditva 5
ZakheimZelig, wife Khayacheh (daughter of Zisel Yahalom) and sonShasay across from Vinik3Soda Factory Khayacheh ch=chair 
ZaltzmanYehoshua, wife Tzirel, son Yacov and son RubenShasay 4Grain Merchant
ZeritzkiMeir, wife Soshana (born Brezeman), son Eliyahu and daughter SaraShasay across from Gerber4Pharmacy
ZeritzkiTuviah and wife Mina (daughter of Gabriel Epshtein) and mother and daughter and son DavidShkolna 5Brick Builder
Zeritzkiwidow Basha-Rivka and son Menachem and 2 daughtersMarket place4Store
ZeritzkiYehoshua and wife and 5 sonsShasay across from the post office7tailor
ZeritzkiYeshayahu and wifeLinks2Brick Builder
ZevilovitzYehoshua and wife Hinda and 2 daughtersShasay next to Bridge #24Grocery store
ZhidvitzMoshe and wife and daughter Fruma and son Shmuel and son David and son3 May St.6Grocery store
ZimokhovskiShlomo and wife and son David and son Sender and daughter HeniaPost Office5Blacksmith
ZimokhovskiYehoshua and wife and daughterPost Office3Blacksmith
ZunsheinMoshe and mother Chaya and sister Chaya ToibaShasay across from Zaltzman3
ZurukovitzAvraham and brother Shlomo and another brother and the motherTebolitzki 4From the Bendet Family

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