Postcard from Bereza describing fate of a family
Submitted by Edith Einspruch

Return address (bottom of front side)
From Khomsky (last name) Iosif (first name) Osherovich (patronym -- son of Asher)
Bereza Kartuska, Brest Oblast (county), BSSR (Belarussian Soviet Soviet Republic)

Date (top of back side)
XII 45 (December 1945)

Translation of Yiddish
This is difficult, and many lines have not yet been deciphered. The gist of the card, as has been determined so far, is the following
The entire populace including your mother Velya Fishman were killed by the bloody Germans. Also the town of Koseve was wiped out together with your brother (Eliezer). Horrible and horrible is the destruction. The shtetle Bereze is burnt. Not a hair left of any Jew. I just recently came from Siberia. I was away when the war started and I couldn't get back. I couldn't find a single survivor from my family...
--Asher Abramsky.