Locating People in One Step
Frequently Asked Questions

Stephen P. Morse, San Francisco

1. What's the advantage of using this One-Step form rather than going to www.locateme.com directly?

With the One-Step form you can search on a specific birthdate (year, month, and day), on a range of birthdates, or on a specific birthdate (month and day).  From the locateme.com site you can search on an exact year and month only.

The One-Step form allows you to specify the name of a co-resident.  For example, a search for John Smith will yields many hits, but a search for John Smith living with Mary will yields far fewer.

The One-Step form remembers your username and password in a cookie so you don't have to retype it on every search.

The locateme.com form requires you to repeatedly hit the reload button to see if your results are ready.  This is done automatically for you by the One-Step form.

The One-Step form presents the results in a tabular form rather than a list, making it much easier to read.

-- Steve Morse