áááááááááááááááááá BROOKLYN, NEW YORK
2nd N Metropolitan Ave
7th E D ? Havemeyer
9th Ave Prospect Park West
11th E Stratford Rd
12th E Westminster Rd (north of Ave H)
13th E Argyle Rd (north of Ave H)
14th E Rugby Rd (north of Ave H)
14th W Stillwell Ave
15th E Marlborough Rd (north of Ave H)
16th E Buckingham Rd (north of Albemarle Rd)
18th W Cropsey Ave
22nd Ave Bay Pkwy
22nd W Ware House
27th E Rogers Ave (north of Flatbush Ave)
30th E Marine Pkwy
44th E Troy Ave
47th E Schenectady
62nd E Mill Ave
69th Bay Ridge Ave
75th Bay Ridge Pkwy
Adams Ashford
Adams Ave McKinley Ave
Adams Pl Reeve Pl
Agate Florence
Ames Herzl
Anstice Amboy
Ashland Pl Raymond
Ave E Ditmas
Ave F Farragut Rd
Ave G Glenwood Rd
Ave Q Quentin Rd
Baltic Bristol
Baltic Ave Glenmore Ave
Banzett Debroise Ave or Debevoise Ave
Barrett Legion
Bay 12th 16th (part)
Bay 12th 16th Ave
Bay 15th 17th Ave (part)
Bay 16th New Utrecht
Bay 18th 18th Ave (part)
Bay 21st 19th Ave (part)
Bay 24th 20th Ave (part)
Bay 27th 21st Ave (part)
Bay 30th 22nd Ave
Bay 30th Bay Pkwy
Bay 33rd 23rd (part)
Bay 36th 24th Ave (part)
Bay 39th 25th Ave (part)
Bay 42nd 26th Ave (part)
Bay 45th 27th Ave (part)
Bay 48th 28th Ave
Bay 6th 14th Ave
Bay 9th 15th Ave (part)
Bay Ave Belmont Ave
Bay Ave Pitkin Ave
Bay Parkway 22nd Ave
Beattie 81st
Bennett Frost
Bennett Ave Berriman
Bowery Ocean Ave
Braxton Windsor Pl
Bridge Rd Fern Pl
Brighton 13th Ripple
Brighton 15th Mayo
Brighton 1st 2nd E
Brighton 4th 4th E
Brighton 6th 6th E
Brighton Pl W 1st W
Buckingham Rd 16th E
Bullion Skillman Ave
Butler Albermarle Rd
Butler Ave Bradford
Canton St Edwards
Centre Chester
Clayton Pl Brighton 3rd Ter
Clove Rd Canarale Rd ?
Cole Ct Brighton 10th Ter
Colonial Rd 1st Ave
Commercial Wharf India Wharf
Cooper Pl Dewey Pl
Covert Ave Leopold Pl
Cowenhoven Lane Kouwenhoven Lane
Cypress Ave Crescent
Day Ct Brighton 10th Path
Deehan Ave Linden Blvd
Degraw Barrett
Delamere Pl 23rd E
Division Leo Pl
Dixon Al Dixon Pl
Douglass Strauss
Dresden Highland Pl
Duryea Ave Dumont Ave
E Ave Ditmas
Edith Pl Banner 3rd Rd
Eldert Essex
Elgin Ct Brighton 10th Ct
Elm Ct Brighton 3rd Ct
Elmore Pl 22nd E
Enfield Eldert's Lane
Everitt Columbia Hts
Ewen Manhattan Ave
F Ave Farragut Rd
Fairfax Chauncey
Fairfield Ave Cozine
Fern Ct Brighton 6th Lane
Finch Ct Brighton 6th Walk
Floral Ct Brighton 6th Pl
Floyd St Martin L King Pl
Franklin Ave 18th Ave
Franklin Pl Talman
Furman Pl Fanchon Pl
G Ave Glenwood Rd
Garfield Ct Brighton 7th Ct
Gertrude Pl Brighton 3rd Rd
Gold & Prince Albee Sq
Graham Ct Brighton 7th Walk
Grant Snyder Ave
Gravesend Ave aka McDonald
Gray Ct Brighton 10th Ct
Grinnell Creamer
Gwinnett Lorimer
Hale Ct Brighton 8th Lane
Hamburg Ave Wilson Ave
Harrison Kane
Hart's Al Mack Pl
Harvard Ct Brighton 8th Pl
Harvey Ct Brighton 4th Rd
Hemlock Ct Brighton 6th Lane
Henry Ave Hinsdale
Hiawatha Rd Ave H
Highlawn Ave R Ave (for high numbers of Highlawn)
Holt Ct Brighton 10th Ct
Hopkinson Ave Thomas S Boyland St
Hubbard Brighton 7th (part of Hubbard)
Irving Pl St Paul's Place
Ivy Ct Brighton 8th St
Ivy Ct Hill
Jackson New Utrecht
Jamaica Park Rd Jamaica Ave
Jardine Pl Washington Pl
John Jerome
Johnston Ave Junius
Kenmore Pl 21st E
Kimball Lane Lott Ave
Kishner Ct Brighton 8th Ct
Lafayette Pl Sherlock Pl
Lawn Ct Koster Ct
Leopold Pl Purdy Pl
Linden Ave Linden Blvd
Linden Ct Brighton 4th Lane
Linington Ave Livonia Ave
Locust Logan
Lott Ave Kimball Lane
Louis Pl Lewis Pl
Louise Ter Elvira
Malbone Empire Blvd
Mansfield Pl 24th E
Marcy Ave Rev Dr Gardner C Taylor Blvd
Marsh Madison Pl
Mayo St Brighton 15th St
McDonald Ave aka Gravesend Ave
Melrose Ave Kenilworth Pl
Mississippi Ave Malta
Monroe Linwood
Myra Ct Beekman Pl
Myrtle Magenta
Nathan St Brighton 14th St
Neck Rd Gravesend Neck Rd
New Lots Rd New Lots Ave
Newport Ave Newport
Newport Ave Willmohr
Oak Ct Brighton 3rd Pl
Ocean Ave Osborne
Onyx Ct Brighton 1st Path
Orient Powell
Ormond Pl Claver Pl
Osborne Ave Ocean Ave
Otis Pl Brighton 8th St
Ovington Ave 70th
Owl Ct Brighton 1st Ter
Park Al Prince Ct
Partition Coffey
Pellington Pl Marginal St W
Pennant Ct Brighton 4th Ter
Pennsylvania Ave Granville Payne Ave
Pine Ct Brighton 4th Ct
Purdy Pl Seneca Ave
Q Ave Quentin Rd
Ralph Menahan
Rapalje Ave Riverdale Ave
Rapelya Richmond
Raymond Pl Ashland Pl
Red Hook Lane Pearl
Ridge Blvd 2nd Ave (lower #s)
Ridge Ct Colonial Ct
Schenck Emerson
Seigel Ave Dresden
Sheepshead Rd Shore Rd
Sheridan Walk 8th St W (part)
Siegel Seigel
Smith's Alley Hendrix
Smith's Alley Nassau Pl
Snipe Homecrest
Stack Place Banner 3rd Ter
Stone Ave Mother Gaston Blvd
Stoohoff Stanley Ave
Streethoff Ave Stanley Ave
Sumner Ave Marcus Garvey Blvd (1987)
Sunrise Hwy Conduit Blvd
Temple Court Sherman
Tulip Rutland Rd
Union Ave Sutter Ave
Union Pl Havens Pl
Van Brun Ave Linden Blvd
Van Brunt Ave Vienna Ave
Van Pelt Ave Engert Ave
Van Voorhis Decatur
Vanderveer Grafton
Vanderveer Ave Newport Ave
Vernon Ave Tilden Ave
Vesta Ave Van Sinderen Ave
Wall Arion Pl
Walnut Ct Brighton 4th Pl
Washington Pl Jardine Pl
Westminster Rd 12th E
Wilde Lane Church Ave
Williams Ave Watkins
Williamsburgh Br Plaza Washington Plaza
Willow Ct Brighton 3rd Lane
Woodbine Pl Germania Pl
Joel Weintraub transcriber From NARA M1931, City Directory 1933-34
and "Red Book" 1937-38
Also for 1910 streets NARA M1283
and a 1909 City Directory.
Also from parts of an 1886 mapů