CINCINNATI, OHIO
2nd Ave Iliff Ave
3rd Ave Gilsey Ave
4th Ave Dewey Ave
5th Ave Rosemont Ave
7th Ave Trenton Ave
30th Ave Eileen Drive
A Loubet Place
Albany Ave Erkenbrecher Ave
Alexander Ave Bishop
Alpine Way Waltham Ave
Altenheim Ave Elland Ave
Amelia Ave Carnation Ave
Anderson McLean Ave
Ann Lincoln Park Dr
Ardmore Ave Algona Pl
Armory Pl Faulkner
Armstrong La Rue Ct
Armstrong Ave Eugenia Ave
Arnold Rd Argus Rd
Aurora Ave Elberon
Austerlitz Rd Wells
Avery Sweeney
Baker Ogden Pl
Bancroft Ave Lyleburn Pl
Beech Everett Ave
Beech Ct Bingham Ct
Beech Ct Bingham Ct
Beech Grove or Lombard
Beech Lane Bradley Ave
Beechmont Ave Kroger Ave
Beechmont Ave Bennett Ave
Beechwood Ave Pogue Ave
Bellair Ave BudmarAve
Belle Ave Oakleaf Ave
Belle Ave Doberrer Ave
Belmont Ave Galvin Ave
Belmont Ave Larkspur Ave
Berlin Woodrow
Berry Ave Randall Ave
Bow Willis Ave
Bowler Rooney
Bremen Republic
Brent Ave Dalewood Pl
Brittany Court Milo Al
Brook Saginaw Ave
Brooklyn Lancaster
Bruce Ave McBrayer
Buch Ave Small Ave
Brunswick Edgecliff Point
Calvin Victory Parkway
Camden Vassar Ave
Cameron Ave Ansonia Ave
Campbell Jamaica
Carroll Wisconsin
Carthage Ave Vine
Carthage Ave Seymour Ave
Carthage Pike Vine
Centaur Callahan
Center Hope Ave
Cervera Robertson Ave Oakley
Charlotte Ave Palmer Ave
Church Guido
Church Ct Brittany Ct
Church Pl Mercantile Pl
Circle Trevor Pl
Clark Ave Duncan Ave
Clinton Ct Geneva Ct
Collins Ave Cass Ave
Collins Pl Rockford Pl
Columbia Rd Paxton Ave
Columbian Ave Erie Ave
Commercial Ave Nokomis Ave
Concord Pl Lansing Pl
Conroy Klotter Ave
Convent Pl Notre Dame Pl
Cottage Ter Auburn Ter
Crescent Ave Athens Ave
Crescent Ave Rushton Rd
Crescent Ave Athens Ave
Cross Bethesda Ave
Cushing Callahan
David Edmunds
Derby Ave Richter Ave
Disney North Street Oakley
Dixon Rush
Dorman Powers
Douthwait Ave Carlin
Drake Ave Ayers Ave
Druid McDermott
Earl Ave Elmira Ave
Eastbourne Ave Ellsworth Ave
Eastview Ave View Ct
Eckert Elmira Ave
Eden Park Ct Elgin Pl
Eden Park Ter Beethoven Pl
Edgewood Ave North Edgewood Ave
Edgewood Dr Section  Rd
Ehrman Ter Everglade Pl
Elder Ave Nebraska Ave
Ellen Tacoma Ave
Elmer Hutton
Emery Van Buren
Epworth Ave East Epworth Ave
Erie Boston
Erie Ave Leroy Ct
Euclid Ave Mellwood Ave
Eugenia Lane Barry Lane
Evans Pl Cornell Pl
Evens Ave Chester Ave
Fairview Ave Chickering Ave
Fairview Ave Vista
Fairview Pl Clybourn Pl
Falke Glendora Ave
Fein Ave Dautel Ave
Fenner Linden
Fern Lincoln Ave
Ferris Ave Griest Ave
Fisher Ave Spokane Ave
Flora Pl Brunswick Pl
Florence Cortlandt
Florence Carbon
Florida Ave Evanston Ave
Florida Ave Evanston
Forest Ave Sheffield Ave  
Forest Ave Laidlow  
Forest Ave Humboldt Ave  
Fountain Scioto
Fountain Pl Carew
Frankfort Connecticut Ave
Franklin Woodward
Front Hall Ave
Fuchs Fox
Garfield Ave Fairbanks Ave
Garfield Ave Corinth Ave
Gelert Rd Kenwood Rd
German English
Gilmore Moreland
Glen Lyon Ave Corning Ave
Goodhue Ave Davenport Ave
Grand Sinton Ave
Grandview Ave Egbert Ave
Gray Ter Eureka Ter
Greist Turpin
Guy Stratford Ave
Hand Gaines
Hanover Yukon
Hapsburg Merrimac
Harper Ave Danbury Ave
Harris Garland
Harrison Durham
Hawthorne Ave Folsom Ave
Henry Gresham Ave
Hereford Ave Ardmore Ave
Herman Norfolk Ave
Herman Ave Rutland Ave
High Columbia Ave
Highland Ave Upland Pl
Highland Pl Hallwood Pl
Hollenshade Ct Hoadly Ct
Home Pl Harlem Pl
Hooker Ave Hayward Ave
Hopkins Ave Asmann Ave
Humboldt Taft Road
Iona Pl Ravenwood Ave
Jefferson Schwinn Ave
Josephine Montieth Ave
Kenyon Fisk Ave
Kerper Ave Clarion Ave
Kineon Ave Bowman Ave
Kinney Monmouth Ave
Lafayette Pl Kingston Pl
Langdon Ave Dana Ave
Langdon Ct Paulding Pl
Langdon Pl Emerald Pl
Laurel Lincoln Park Dr
Lawnway Marcella Ave
Lee Baurichter
Leeper Lambston
Lehe Tilk
Lewis Peyton
Lexington Mougey Ave
L'Hommedieu Keene
Lick Run Rd Sunset Ave
Lincoln Ave Kirbert Ave
Lincoln Ave Oakdale Ave
Lincoln Pl Durbin Pl
Linden Ave Crawford Ave
Linden Ave Griswold Ave
Lockland Ave Anthony Wayne Ave
Lombard or Beech Grove
Lothian Ave Wedgewood Ave
Ludlow Pl Cornwall Pl
Lueders Ave Drakewood Dr
Madisonville Pike Madison Rd
Malvern Ave Felton
Maple Ave Matlock Ave
Maple Ave Darrow Ave
Marion Ave Wentworth Ave
Marion Ave Cadillac Ave
Marmet Ave Pittsburg
Marquis Ave Primrose
Marryat Cypress Way
Marvin Ave St Williams Ave
Maxwell Pl Lockwood Pl
McCormack Rd Marburg Ave
Merrie Ave Atlin Ave
Michigan Ave Allegheny Ave
Miller Pl Waveland Pl
Minto Dr Hyde Park Ter
Mitchell Atlantic Ave
Mitchell Pl Glencoe Pl
Morrell Carney
Morten Ave Carolina Ave
Moylan Ave Paxton Ave
Murray Rd Rossmore Ave
Myrtle Ave Regent Ave
Myrtle Pl Kensington Pl
Neff Denver Ave
Nelson Ave Maplewood Ave
New Richmond Ave Kellogg Ave
Newport Ave Penrose Pl
Newton Magill Ave
Noble Ct Intermediate Ave
North Ave Yonkers Ave
North Rd Perth Ave
North St Duluth Ave
Northside Ave Herald Ave
Oak Ave Manns Ave
Oakland Ave California Ave
Oliver Ave Colorado Ave
Overlook Pl Meryton Pl
Paddack Rd Reading Rd
Page Maag
Park Cutter
Pensacola Marengo
Peter Ave Realistic Ave
Pine Ave Rippey Ave
Pleasant Ct Olympia Pl
Poplar Everson Ave
Powhattan Sander
Price Hill Rd Maryland Ave
Probasco Lane Maisel Drive
Prospect Felsberg Ave
Prospect Ter Oxford Ter
Queen City Ct Gotham Pl
Reeder Idaho
Rhein Randolph
Riverside Dr 6th W
Riverview Ave Missouri Ave
Rogers Louisiana
Rose Ave Texas Ave
Rose Lawn Blvd Rosecliff Ave
Rosedale Ave Pennsylvania Ave
Rosewood McFaddin Ave
Ross Ave Tennessee Ave
Russell Elsinore Ave
Saunders Dorchester Ave
Schott Moellering Ave
Schumann Meredity Dr
Section Mallon
Section Ave Rhode Island Ave
Seminary Fahrenbruch Ave
Shady Lane Overbrook Pl Eastwood
Sherman Ave Ballard Ave
Shillito Melish Ave
Sidney  Ave Dauner Ave
Smith Ct Trinity Ct
South Auburn Ave Auburn Ave
South Elm Laredo Ave
Southside Ave Roseland Ave
Spencer Ave Utah Ave
Spring Ave Keenan Ave
Spring Valley Walk Boynton Pl
St Leo Pl Trade
State Chicago
Station Ave Pacific Ave
Summit Ave Yarmouth Ave
Sunrise Ave Hyde Park Ave
Sunset Kiehborth
Sunset Ave Sunrise Ave
Superior Ave Earnshaw Ave
Sutton Ave Carleton Ave
Sylvan Ave Rochester Ave
Taylor Ave Stanley Ave
Tecumseh Hoff Ave
Telford Ave Brewster Ave
Terrace Pl Burlington Pl
Township Ave Towne Ave
Union Duane
Union Ave Lueders Ave
Union Ave Tibbles Ave
Vail Rd Hurley Ave
Vassar Ave Camden Ave
Vaughan Rd Flach Ave
Vernon Manchester Ave
Vienna Panama
Vineyard Ave Vinedale Ave
Wabash Ave Griffith Ave
Wallace Fitzpatrick
Walnut Ave Wyoming Ave
Walnut Pl Beaumont Pl
Washington Woodmont East (Pleasant Ridge)
Washington Philadelphia
Washington Ave Oberlin Ave
Water Schweninger
Webster 14th E
Western Ave Beekman
Westview Ave Vestry Ave
Wheeler Ave Sundmaker Ave
Whistler Indian Mound Ave
Williams Hillenbrand
Williams Ave Markbreit Ave
Willow Lane Ct Urban Pl
Wood Sigsbee Ave
Woodburn Crescent Keys Crescent
Woodland Ave Herrick Ave
Woodruff Rd Robinwood Ave
Zeltner Glendora Ave
Joel Weintraub transcriber Off of NARA M1931
and also a 1913 Street guide
and a 1937 guide
and thanks Julie Diehl