Adams  St  Ninth Ave  11/29/1886 E  Albany
Adams Pl  Pierce Pl SE 10/14/1920 Fulton to Baldwin E Pierce
Adams St  Rothsay Ave NE 4/10/1899 Ely off Fuller V  Fruit
Addison St  Holden Ave  1/1/1916 Century?
Albert St  Banner St  1/1/1916 E
Alden St  Evangeline St NE 1/1/1938 Fuller to Benjamin E Evangeline
Alder Ct SE Elder Ct  10/14/1920 East off Sheldon E Elder
Alger Ave  Auburn Ave  6/5/1905 Lake Dr to Wealthy E Auburn
Allen  Ct  Allen Pl NE 10/14/1920 S off Michigan bet Prospect College V medical bldg
Allen  Ct  Atlas Pl SE 3/25/1912 Wealthy to Lake Ave E Atlas
Alley   Ary Ct SW 5/16/1892 Alley from Grandville btwn Matha & Curve E
Alley   Bemis Ct  4/10/1899 Crescent twds Michigan E Claremont
Alley   G St  5/16/1892 Btw 3rd & 4th, Dewey to Broadway V
Alley   Lamberts Ct  6/26/1893 Wealthy & Grandville E
Alley   Maple Ct  12/23/1895 Humbolt to Oakhill E to Kazoo E Isabella Ct
Alley   Nagle Ct  4/27/1903 (Cherry/Grandville) E
Alley   New England Pl  12/26/1899 Canal to Bank btwn Bridge & Erie V Convention Center
Alley public   Major Ct  5/16/1892 S off Franklin E
Almy   vacated  SE old S off Fulton betwn Ionia/Ottawa
Alpine Rd  Broadway  NW 5/16/1892 Jog off Richmond E
Ann St  Eighth St  7/12/1873 Front to Broadway
Ann St  Prospect   10/11/1873
Annie   Atlantic  NW 3/25/1912 Westerly from Lincoln E Atlantic
Antoine   Sixth   11/9/1886
Arcadia   Luray   modern E Luray
Armstrong Ave  Houseman Ave  1/1/1938 Leonard to Sweet E Houseman
Ash St  Logan St  5/16/1892 Eastern to Eureka E Logan
B Street Alley  Gilner Ct  1/1/1893 By B Street E Gilner Ct
Baldwin St  Lettelier St  5/16/1892 E Lettelier
Ball   Olson St  12/7/1935 Freeway service road E Olson
Ball Ave  Alten Ave NE 1/1/1938 Fulton to Michigan E Alten
Bank St  Michigan St  10/11/1873 Milwaukee
Barclay Pl  Victory Pl  11/14/1921 Butterworth Hosptl Parking V
Barendse Ct  E Fulton Pl  3/25/1912 N off Fulton, E of Fulton Cem E Batavia
Beals   28th   modern Outside City
Beech Ave  McReynolds Ave  3/25/1912 3rd to 4th off-setting entry E McReynolds
Beech St  Diamond St  5/16/1892 E Diamond
Beechwood Ave  Norman Ave  1/1/1941 Michigan to Lyon
Belknap Ave  Mack Ave  1/1/1924 Fulton to Lyon E Mack
Bemis Ave  Benjamin Ave SE 3/25/1912 Wealthy southernly E Benjamin
Bemis Ct  Claremont Pl  3/25/1912 Lyon to Willow Ct E Claremont
Benjamin   Dexter Pl  old Vicinity Coit & Fairbanks
Benjamin Ave  Gertrude St   4/10/1899
Birney St  Lyon St  1/1/1913 Diamond to  Fuller E Lyon
Blaak St  Winona St  modern E Eola
Blakely Ave   First Ave  5/16/1892 Division to Lafayette E Buckley
Blakesee   Buckley  SE old
Blossom   Curwood   modern Dog leg at Oak Park
Blossom   Railroad ROW   1/1/1860 Under the freeway & over the bridge E GVSU ROW
Boss St  Griggs Ave  5/16/1892 E Griggs
Bowery St  Douglas St  10/14/1920 Front to Pine E Douglas
Bradburn St  Morris Ave  4/10/1899 E Morris
Bradford St  Auburn  Ave  4/10/1899
Bradish St  John St  1/1/1892
Brainard Ave  Paris Ave  1/1/1938 Michigan to RR E
Bridge Alley  New England Pl  12/26/1899 Canal (Monroe) to E Bridge (Mich) V Conv Center
Bridge St  Michigan St  3/25/1912 Grand River Easterly E
Bridge St Ctr   Bridge St  12/26/1961 Covel Rd turnaround E
Bridge St Pl  Michigan Pl  3/25/1912 S off Michigan, E of College E
Briggs Ave  Beacon St SW 3/25/1912 Grandville to Sheridan
Briggs Pl  Berlin Pl  NE 3/25/1912 Quimby Southerly
Briggs St  Clifton Pl  3/25/1912 S of Lyon, W of Prospect V Central High campus
Broadway   Ann NW  1/1/1928 Will to Alpine
Broadway   Waters   1/1/1893 N City limits E Turner
Broadway  W National   3/25/1912 E
Bronson   Crescent   8/17/1885 E
Bronson Alley  Crescent Pl  9/14/1885 E Bridge (Michigan) to Crescent E Wincester Pl
Brooks Ave  Benjamin Ave  5/16/1882 Alexander to Hall E Benjamin
Brookside   Brooklane   6/10/1958 Rosemary southernly
Brown Ct  Bruce Pl  3/25/1912 Fountain to Lyon E
Brunners Alley  Zeeland Ct  4/10/1899 E
Buchanan   Century   1/1/1962 Logan to Wealthy E freeway adj
Buckeye St  Evans   4/10/1899 On line with Fairmount E
Buckeye St  Fairmount   3/25/1912 On line with Evans E
Butler Ave  Butler E  SE 3/30/1914 Abt betwn Hancock & Temple E
Buttenut   McReynolds   10/11/1873 Fifth to Seventh
Calder   Ottawa   3/8/1897
Cambridge  Dr  Rosewood Ave   9/27/1941 Hiawatha Rd to Adams St
Campau   Jefferson   old Franklin and Hall
Canal   Monroe   3/25/1912 Pearl Street Northernly E Monroe
Canal   Monroe   7/12/1873 Pearl Street Southernly E Monroe
Canton   Twelth   11/29/1886 E Canton
Capitol   Calvin   1/1/1920 Hall to Adams E Calvin
Carlton   Alto   1/1/1928 Burton to Hoyt annexed E
Carlton   Alto   1/1/1907 Franklin Southernly E
Carlton Av  Carlton St  5/16/1892
Caroline   Tenth   7/12/1869 Front to Broadway
Caroline St  Lafayette St  7/12/1869 three poss
Carpenter St Church St 5/16/1892 Carroll - Ear
Carroll-War   Diamond St  5/16/1892
Carter St  Eleanor   1/9/1893
Cemetery   Eastern   4/16/1888
Cemetery   Taylor   1/1/1870 South of Coldbrook E Taylor
Centennial   Diamond St  5/16/1892
Center St  Vilas Av  5/16/1892 Home to (Crofton) LaBelle
Central   Sheldon   5/16/1912
Centre   Cedar   1/1/1857 North to College E Cedar
Champlin   W Broadway   8/30/1873 (offsetting entry same date) E National
Chappel   Elm   1/1/1908 Buchanan to Taggart (Darwin?) E Elm
Charles St  Hovey St  9/12/1873
Charlotte Av  Madison Av  10/12/1874 Washington to Hall
Charlotte Ave  Cleveland Ave  5/6/1892
Cheshire Dr  Lawrence St  2/5/1957 Swensburg to Coit
Chester Av  Colorado St  9/25/1912 Hall to Boston
Chestnut   Bemis   5/16/1892
Chestnut   Rumsey   10/14/1920 Grandville to Godfrey
Chicago   Wallen   Post 1916 Hall to Stevens
Christ   Paris   1/1/1938 Carrier to Spencer
Church St  Church Pl  7/25/1912 (Second) Pleasant to RR tracks
Clara   Prospect   early 1900's Hall to Boston
Clark Pl  Claremont Pl  10/14/1920 Crescent Northernly
Clark St  Aberdeen St  1/1/1924 Union to Plainfield
Clark St  Terrace   9/21/1891 Highland to Hall Prospect
Clayton   Coldbrook St  1/1/1892 Diamond to Fuller E Coldbrook St
Cleveland   Calvin   10/14/1921 Franklin to Hall
Cleveland   Griggs   5/16/1892 Alexander to Hall E Calvin
Clinton   Fairview C  3/25/1912 Michigan to Walbridge
Clinton   Richards Tr  11/28/1892 Wealthy to Lake
Clinton Pl  Hester Pl  10/14/1920 Michigan to Hastings
Clover   Cleveland   5/16/1892
Coade   Baldwin  SE 5/25/1912 Diamond to Fuller
Coit Al  Dexter Pl  9/17/1888 Fairbanks to Newberry
Coit Ct  Field Ct  10/4/1920 West off Coit
Coldbrook   Canal   7/12/1875
Colfax Al  Matthews Ct  12/21/1891 Coit to Taylor
Collins Pl  Catharine Pl  10/14/1920 N off Mich, W of Lafayette
Columbus St  Cooper Av  5/25/1912 Hall to Alexander
Comstock St  Elmwood St  1/1/1924 Monroe to (Watrous) Lafayette
Conant Ct  Conant Tr  12/22/1912
Conant Tr  Morrison   3/25/1912 E off Lafayette
Congress Pl  Congress   10/14/1920 Fulton to Baldwin
Coolidge   Lotus 9/27/1948 Boston to Burton
Cotterelle   Eighth  SE 11/29/1886
Court St  Lincoln Ar  6/6/1865 Fulton to Bridge Scribner
Court St  Scribner Av  5/25/1912 Fulton to Bridge
Crabapple Al  Brenner Ct  3/19/1888 Ford to College
Crescent      1800's Orginally crescent shaped across Bronson
Crescent Ct  Clark Pl  3/25/1912 N of Crescent
Crescent Ct  Kinney Dt  3/8/1891 Barclay to Lafayette
Crescent Ct  Page St  6/25/1912 RR to Plainfield
Crescent Pl  Wincester Pl  10/14/1920 Michigan to Fountain
Crosby Pl  Anderson Pl  10/14/1920 N of Crosby
Crosby St  Eleanor   1/1/1924 Coit to Euclid
Cummin Av  Crescent Av  11/20/1911 Grand to Fuller
Curtis St  Chubb   7/12/1877
Custer Al  Barense St  4/10/1899
Cutter St  Elliott St  10/14/1920 Union to Linden
Cutter St  Everts St  1/1/1913 Eastern to Blaine
Cypress St  Alpine   6/23/1880 Fifth to Seventh
D St  Dewey St  6/20/1898 Third to Fifth
Davis   Eugene   1/1/1906 No Reference
Davis   Johnathon   1/1/1870 Front to Broadway E Eleventh
Davis Av Blandford Av SW
Dayton   Pettibone   10/11/1873
DeBruyn   Noble   5/25/1912 Kazoo to Eastern
DeJonge   Rosemary   1/1/1928 Division to Jefferson
Denherder    Emerald Av  1/1/1928 Knaap to Aberdeen
Depot St  Victoria St  4/10/1899
Division Std W Seward   3/12/1912 Fulton to Bridge
Doezema All  Dozema Ct  4/10/1899
Doezema Av  Belknap Av NE 1/1/1921 Mack
Dorr   Scribner   1/1/1870 Seventh to Eleventh E Scribner
Dosker St  Baxter St SE 5/16/1892
Earl St  Earldon St  5/16/1892 Cherrt to Lake (Cherry?)
Earl St  Marshall   5/16/1892 Adams to RR
Earle   Sky   4/10/1899 Pulaski
East St  Eastern Av  3/25/1912 City Limits
Eastern Al  VanHaften Pl  6/20/1929 Hall to Humbolt
Eastern Av  Bemis St  5/25/1912 Fuller East
Eaton Dr  Old Town   modern Kazoo to E Norwalk
Edge Grove   Griggs St  1/1/1913 Berkey/Newark to Blaine/Kazoo E Griggs
Edna St  Deming St  9/11/1947 Eastern to Union
Eight   Mason   3/25/1912 Front to Garfield
Eighth   Deleware St  3/25/1912 Division East
Eighth   Hickory   3/6/1892 Monroe to Coit E Elmwood
Eighth Av  Watkins St  5/16/1892
Elbourne   Plymouth   9/27/1948 Fulton to Leonard
Eleventh Av  Putnam St  3/25/1912 Division West
Eleventh St  Kirby St  1/1/1912 Front to Garfield No Reference
Eliza Av  College Av  1/1/1924 Comstock to Norwood
Ella   Eastern   3/25/1912 Eastern to Fuller
Ellsworth   Cherry St SW 10/11/1873
Ellsworth   Grandvile   1/1/1928 Fulton to artlett
Elm St  Goodrich   10/11/1873
Emery Way   Grenada   modern Radcliff Westerly
Emma Av  Orchard Hill   1/1/1906 E Orchard Hill
Ethelbert Way   Cutler Av  1/1/1916
Euclid Av  Oakwood   1/1/1924 Knapp to Eleanor
Eulid   Robey   4/10/1892 North off Wealthy
Evans   Buckeye  SE 1/1/1899 Eastern to Calkins E Fairmount
Eventide Dr  Cherry Hill Dr  12/26/1967 Highbluff Northernly
Everett St  Emerson Av  3/25/1912 Myrtle to Rcmcnd (Raymond?)
Evergreen   Seventh   11/29/1886
Evert St  Elliott St  10/14/1920 Berkey to Bline
Everts St  Cutter St  3/30/1920
Excelsior   VanRaalte   1/3/1949 SW loop Grandville to Chicago Dr
Fair St  Muskegon   10/11/1873
Fairview Ct  Taft Ct  10/4/1920 W off Fairview, S of Newberry
Fayne St  Rowe St  1/1/1916
Feakins   Stewart   3/25/1912 Buchanan to Palace
Fifth Av  Franklin St  5/25/1912 Godfrey to E City limits
Fifth St  Ann St NE 5/16/1892 Monroe to Coit
Fifth Street Al  Clover Ct  1/1/1941 Broadway to Allety
Finch St  Neland Av  1/25/1909
First Av  Buckley  SE 3/25/1912 Century to Lafayette
First Pl  Iris Pl  10/14/1920 S off Fountain, E of Diamond
Fisher St  Virginia S  3/25/1912
Fisk Av  Bristol   10/14/1920
Fitz   John Ball Park   1/1/1938 NS of Butterworth
Florence   Brooklyn   1/1/1926 Alger to Laraway 28th
Foremost Dr  E Mall Dr  1/1/1960 East Beltline Easterly
Forrest Av  Toledo St  3/25/1912 Emerald to (Yuba) Houseman
Forrest St  Maude Av   4/10/1899
Forty-third St  Dawes   modern Plymouth westerly
Foster Pl  Prospect Av  10/14/1920 State to Cherry
Foster St  LaBelle St  5/16/1892
Fountain Park   Denver St  3/25/1912
Fourth Av  Graham St  5/25/1912
Fourth St  Palmer Av  3/15/1892 Monroe to Coit
Fourth St Ravine   Ravine   2/5/1957 Fourth to Tremont
Francis Av  Russell Av  5/16/1912 Paris
Frank St  Stone Av  5/16/1892 West of Valley?
Franklin   Lafayette   6/3/1892 Griggs to (Davis) Eugene
Frederick Av  Valley Av  10/14/1920 Leonard to Myrtle
Fremont St  Fourth St  10/11/1873
Fremont St  Watson St  7/12/1873
Fulton Pl  Batavia Pl NE 10/14/1920 N off Fulton, E of Eastern
Fulton St Al  Nile Ct  1/1/1925
Gainesborough   Worcester Dr  Leonard Southernly
Gardner   Darwin   10/14/1920 Griggs Southernly
Garfield Dr  Jefferson Dr  1/1/1916
Gelock   Finch   4/10/1899 Neland
Gelock Al  Gelock Ct  4/10/1899
George St  Benjamin Av NE 12/29/1913 Fulton to Lyon
Gertrude St  Benamin Ter  1/1/1907
Giddings Av  Richard Tr  1/1/1921 Lake Dr to Wealthy
Gilbert Wt  Temple St  3/25/1912
Giles Av  Hampton Av  3/25/1912 Robinson Rd to Lake Dr
Glenbrook St  Innes St  5/6/1892
Glenwood   Glenhaven   3/25/1912 Sibley to Bridge
Goodrich Al  Nagel Ct  1/1/1902 NS, W of Goodrich
Graham St  Chestnut St  1/1/1916 W of Godfrey to RR
Grand   Front   1/1/1870 Seventh to Eleventh E Front
Grand Bl  Country Club   2/5/1957
Grand River   Hubbard   1/1/1892 Coit to Briggs E Hubbard St NE
Grand St  W Fulton St  7/12/1873 Grand River to Winter
Grandville   Roosevelt   1/1/1901
Grant   Ionia   7/12/1873
Grattan Pl  Lane   1/1/1916
Gravel Av  Pat   7/23/1957 Walker Southernly, W of Fremont
Greenwivh   Ionia   7/12/1878
Grove Ct  Grove St  5/25/1912 E off Plainfield
Grove Park Av  Newark Av  5/25/1912 Burton Northernly
Grove St  Coade Av  4/10/1899 Baldwin
Grove St  Turner St  6/28/1866 Seventh to Eleventh
Guild Av  E Park Pl  1/1/1922
Gunnison Alley Mardell Pl  6/16/1913
Gunnnison Pl  Gunnison Al  3/25/1912 Butterworth Southernly
Haines Av  Merrill Av  9/27/1948 Oxford to Eton
Harlan St  Umatilla St  5/16/1892 Madison to Union
Harmon St  Rowe ST  1/1/1916
Harrison Av  Elm Av  5/16/1892
Harrison Av  Paris Av  5/16/1892 Alexander to Hall E Underwood
Hawthorne Rd Thornwood SW
Hazel St  Andre St  1/1/1924
Hazel St  Dean St  4/10/1899
Hazel St  vacated   c 1916 Fountain to Lyon Houseman Field
Henrietta   Carmen   10/14/1920 Page to Spencer
Hickory St  Comstock St  9/25/1912 Canal to Plainfield Elmwood
Higbee Av  Giddings Av  3/25/1912 Hall to Adams
High A  Calvary Av NW 10/14/1920 Walker to Atlantic
High Av  Rosell Pl  3/25/1912 Bridge Northernly
High Av  Yorke Pl  10/14/1920 Banner Southernly
High St  Arbor St NE 3/25/1912 Emerald to (Yuba) Houseman
High St  Charlotte St  unidentifiable Near SE
Highland St  Land St  4/10/1899
Hilll Av  College Av  4/10/1899 Sweet Northernly V Creston Ext
Hilton Av  Century Av  10/14/1920 Logan to Buton
Hilton Pl  Parmenter Pl  10/14/1920 Michigan N, w of Fairview V I196
Hilton St  Hilton Av  3/25/1912 Wealthy to Hall
Hodgson Ct  Shepard Ct  10/14/1920 Lafayette Westerly
Holbrook St  Kellogg St  3/25/1912 Packard to Eastern
Holland St  Irving Pl  11/9/1885 Off Lafayette bet Cherry & Wealthy
Home   Scranton   3/25/1912
Hooker St  Griggs St  1/1/1930 Eastern to Blaine
Hope St  Berkey  SE 3/25/1912 Boston to Cottage Grove
Horton Av  Sheldon Av  1/1/1924
Horton St  LaSalle St  1/3/1893 Griggs to Burton
Houseman Av  Spring Av  1/1/1924 Ellsmere to Atwater
Howland St  Hawthorne St  3/25/1912 Canal to Eastern
Hoyt Av  Belknap Av NE 10/14/1920 Fountain to Lyon
Hudson Tr  Fern Pl  3/25/1912 Hanover to Florencee
Iroquis Av  Ashland Av NE 1/1/1924 Coldbrook to Leonard
Irvine St  Alden St  4/10/1899
Island St  Weston St  10/14/1920 Jefferson to Market
Ives St  Flat St  4/10/1899
Jefferson St  Jefferson Av  8/25/1860
Jefferson St  Lexington Av  6/5/1865
Jenesen St  Ken O Sha Bl  12/4/1956 Division to Madison
Jenks St  Prince St  5/2/1903
John St  Kenwood St  1/1/1924 Sinclair to Plainfield
Joldersma St  Houseman Av  1/1/1938 Knapp to Eleanor
Jonathan St  Eleventh St  1/1/1938
Jones St  Alger St  1/1/1916 SW   E Alger
Jones St  Delaware St  3/25/1912 Madison to Eastern
Julia St  Hawthorne St  3/25/1912 Union to Eastern
Junction St  Norwood Av  3/29/1914 South from Wealthy and Lake Dr
Justice St  Ottawa St  7/12/1873
Keene Av  Lafayette Av  1/1/1924 Coit to Northwood
Kellogg Av  Carroll Av  4/10/1899
Kennedy St  Pleasant St  9/5/1905
Kent St  Bond Av NE 5/25/1912 Lyon to Mason
Kerr St  Brown St  10/14/1920 Division to Horton
King Ct  Queen Av  11/22/1899
King Ct  Shanahan C  5/16/1892 Plainfield to Carmen, S of Grove
Kinney Ct  Crescent Ct  1/1/1916 Cresent Northernly
Krekel St  Wilcox Park   1/1/1916
LaBelle Pl  Doremus Pl  10/14/1920 S off LaBelle St
Lacey St  Graceland St  1/1/1925 Monroe to Coit
Lafayette Al  Claremont Pl  6/16/1913 Lyon to Crescent
Lafayette Al  Kinney Ct  1/1/1891 Cresent to Michigan Alley E Crescent Ct
Lake Av  Lake Dr  6/27/1912 Union to Fuller
Lake St  Francis Av  6/4/1894
Lamb Av  Carlton St  5/16/1892 Hall to Noble Alto
Lamont Ct  Lyon St  3/25/1912 Houseman to Eastern
Land ST  Kosciuszko   3/25/1912
Laraway   28th   modern West of Clyde Park outside City
LaSalle St  Sheldon   4/24/1893
Laura Ct  Lilac Ct  10/14/1920 East off Diamond
Lawn Ct  Sycamore St  3/25/1912
LeGrand St  Barnett St  10/14/1920 Monroe to Lafayette
Leon St  Cutter St  3/25/1912 Union to Lyden
Leona Av  Benjamin Av SE 3/25/1912 Hall to Adams
Leonard Ct  Willow Ct  4/10/1899 Barclay to Lafayette, N of Fountain
Lewis Av  Iroquoi Av  10/14/1920 Coldbrook to Leonard
Lily St  Tulip St  10/14/1920 W off Grandville, S of Olymnpia
Limit St  Diamond St  3/16/1892
Lincoln Park Av  Leyden Av  5/25/1912 S off Park St to RR
Lincoln Pl  Fransma Pl  3/25/1912 N off Butterworth
Lincoln St  Scribner St  7/11/1870
Little St  Gelock Av  5/16/1892 Neland
Locust Av  Davis St  10/11/1873 Fifth to Seventh
Longstreet Av  Ruth Av  1/1/1916
Lorraine   Scribner   1/1/1860 Eleventh to Leonard E Scribner
Louis St  Luce St  6/27/1868
Lyon Pl  Goldsboro Pl  10/14/1920 S off Lyon, W off Prospect V
Lyon St Al  Leonard Ct  5/16/1892 Barclay to Lafayette Willow Ct
Madison St  Spencer Av  4/10/1899
Maiden Lane   Valley Av  10/14/1920 N off Myrtle
Maple Av  Davis Av  3/25/1912 Third to Fourth
Maple Ct  Isabella Ct  10/14/1920 E off Eastern N of Hall
Marcus Av  Giddings Av  3/25/1912 Adams Southernly
Market St  Monroe Av  4/10/1879 Fulton to Louis
Martha St Al  Ary Ct SW 1/1/1893 Grandville to E St. E Ary Ct
Martin St  McKinley St  3/25/1912 S off Fuller, N of Wealthy
Martindale Av  Lawndale Av  9/27/1948 Fulton to before Michigan
Mary   Broadway   1/1/1860 Eleventh to Leonard E Broadway
Mary St  Second Av  10/11/1873 Century to Grandville
Marywood Bl  Academy Dr  modern Lakeside to Maryland
Mason St  Muskegon St  10/11/1872
Maxwell Av Ithaca Av SW
McConnell Av  Third Av  10/11/1873
McConnell Ct  Alder Ct  3/25/1912 Sheldon Easterly
McDowell St  Eight Av  5/16/1892 Division to Lafayette
Mechanic St  Atwood St NE 11/9/1904
Merrett St  Cutler   1/1/1916 E Cutler
Merritt St  Hazen St  1/1/1930 Eastern Easterly
Mi Oak In Pk     1/25/1916 Plymouth to Leffingwell
Michigan Av Melrose SW
Michigan St  Milwaukee   3/25/1912 Bridge to Fourth
Michigan St  Prospect Av  1/1/1924 Knapp to Crosby
Mill St  Pleasant St  2/29/1904 Madison to Union
Millard St  Hancock St  10/14/1920 Eastern to Kazooo
Miller St  Smith CDt  1/1/1924 Lonia to rr
Minnie St  Olympia St  1/1/1925 W off Grandville
Mohican Dr  Cambridge Dr  9/27/1948 Adams to Plymouth
Monroe Av  Monroe Center   12/12/1978 Fulton to Pearl
Monroe St  Monroe Av  3/25/1912 Fulton to Pearl
Monson St  Highland Av  5/16/1892 Sheldon to Jefferson
Morgan St  Crary St  10/14/1920 Eastern to Blaine, N of Dickenson
Morrison  S Otillia  S 1/1/1926 Eastern to Newark
Morrison Dr N Ottlilia  N 1/1/1926 Eastern to Newark
Morse St  Malta St  3/25/1912 Eastern to Fuller
Morton Av  Fuller St  5/16/1892 Alexander to Hall E Fuller
Morton St  Kirtland St  1/1/1916
Mulliken Av  Boston Av  4/30/1894 Kazoo to Calvin
Murk Av  Philadelphia St  3/25/1912 Adams to Boston
Nagel Pl  Eliminate St  1/16/1948 Wealthy to Grandville
Nason Av  Sinclair Av  1/1/1924 Comstock to Coit
Nathan Av  Woodmere Ct  4/10/1899
Neland St  Neland Av  5/16/1892
Neley Av  Paris Av  1/1/1938 Graceland Northernly
Nelson Pl  Tyler Ct  10/14/1920 Barclay to Claremont
Nelsons T   Niagara Av  3/25/1912 Alexander to Hall
New York St  Shawmut Av  7/12/1873
Newaygo Rd  Walker Av  7/12/1873
Niinth St  Illinois St  3/25/1912 West off Broadway
Ninth Av  Albany St  3/25/1912 West off Division
Ninth Av  Alexander Av  5/16/1892
Ninth St  Knapp Av  5/16/1892 Monroe to Coit
North St  Orville St  5/16/1892 Grove Park to Kazoo
North St  Richmond St  10/14/1920 Grand River Westerly
North St  Sweet St  3/25/1912 Grand River Easterly
Oak Av  Parkwood Av  4/10/1899
Oakhill Al  Maple Ct  1/1/1895 Eastern to Kazoo
Oakhill Pl  Osgood PL  3/25/1912 Pleasant to RR, E of Oakland
Oakland Av  Bemis St  5/16/1892
Observatory      c 1965 Alongside City Resevoir at end Fairview hill removed
Official St NW Spring St NW 7/12/1873
Ohio St  Butler Av SE 3/25/1912 Hall to Adams
Ohio St  Oliver Pl  3/25/1912 Hall Northerly
Olive Av  Sinclair Av (Oliver)  1/1/1925 Knapp to Eleanor
Oliver Av  Cromwell Av  10/14/1920 Hall to Humbolt
Orange Av  Auburn Av NE 1/1/1915 Evangeline to Lyon E Auburn
Orchard Av  Fruit St  4/10/1899
Orchard Av  Gillard Av  9/27/1948 Griggs to Burton
Orchard Ln  Renslaar St  4/10/1899
Orchard Pl  Trumbull Pl  3/25/1912
Orchard St  Baldwin St SE 3/25/1912 Dwight to Diamond
Oswego St  Sibley St  10/14/1920 Scott to Bristol
Ottawa Pl  Derby Pl  10/14/1920 Mason to Walbridge
Oxford Av  Gillard Av  9/27/1948 Griggs to Burton
Paris Av  Russell Av  1/1/1906 Adams Southernly
Paris Av  S Paris Av  5/16/1892 Adams Southernly
Park Dr  Decker Pl  10/14/1920 Fulton St Northernly
Park PL W Sheldon Av  10/14/1920 Library to Fulton, E of Division
Park St  Columbus Av  7/12/1873
Park St  Library St  3/25/1912 Division to Ransom
Park St  Walnut St  7/12/1873 College to North
Parker Av  Gibson St  10/14/1920 Alexander to Gibson E Gibson St
Patton St  Worden St  5/16/1892 E Worden St
Peaslee St  Park Av  10/20/1890 E Park St
Pelton Av  Cooper Av  1/1/1925 Alexander to Hall
Pembroke Av  Rosewood Av  9/27/1948 Adams to Griggs
Penn Av  Ives Av  10/14/1920 Grand River to Butterworth
Penny St  Jefferson Ave  8/25/1860 Buckley to Pleasant
Perry Av  Buffalo Av NE 10/14/1920 Page to Quimby
Pershing   Grant   1/1/1921 Division to New
Phelps Pl  Ruby Pl  10/14/1920 N off Elliott, E of Eastern
Philips Av  Maridell Av  9/27/1948 4th to 7th
Pine Av Al  Marion Pl  1/1/1912 E Marion Pl
Pine St  Tamarack Av  7/12/1873
Plainfield Al  Grove Pl  6/30/1947 Grove St to alley
Plainfield Rd  Plainfield Av  3/1/1873
Plaster Creek Bl  Keno O Sha Bl  12/4/1956 Division to Madison
Pleasant   Broadway  W 1/1/1860 Seventh to Eleventh E Broadway
Pleasant Av  Hopson St  3/25/1912 North to Union
Plymouth   Olson St  modern E freeway service road
Powell St  Lafayette St  10/11/1873
Powers Av  Giddings Av  1/1/1913 Boston Southernly
Powers Av  Milliard St  1/1/1906 Eastern to Kalamzoo E Hancock
Prairie St  Ionia Av  7/12/1873
Prescott St  Logan St  1/1/1920 Division to Grandville
Prospect Al  Ghilda Ct  early Vicinity Lyon to Fountain
Prospect Av  Sunset Av  4/10/1899
Provender      old Grand River to Market, S of Oakes
Putnam St  Eleventh St  11/29/1886
Quigley Av  Quigley Bl  3/25/1912
Quigley Ct Flora Ct  10/14/1920
Railraod St  Harvey St  3/16/1892
Ransom Al  Ransom Pl  1/1/1904 Crescent to Michigan
Ransom Pl  Verdier Pl  3/25/1912 Crescent to Michigan
Rathbun Rd  Freeman Av  5/27/1946 Market Southernly
Rebecca St  Turner St  5/25/1866 Eleventh to Leonard
Reed St  Lafayette   5/16/1892
Reynolds St  Brown St  10/14/1920 Jefferson to Madison
Richard Av  Giddings Av  10/14/1920 Wealthy to Lake Dr
Richard Av  Richard Tr  1/1/1915 Wealthy to Lake Dr E Richard
Richards Pl  Raymond Pl  10/14/1920 Cherry Southernly
Ridge St  Dickinson St  10/14/1920 Division Westerly
River Av  Indiana Av  3/25/1912 Butterworth to Wealthy
Roberts Ct  Olympia St  1/1/1925 Grandville Easterly
Robertson St  Burns St SW 10/14/1920 McKee to Ruth
Romola Av  Gladstone Dr  1/1/1944 Hall Southernly
Rosewood Av  Walingwood   9/24/1948 Lyon to Michigan
Rothsay St  Fruit St  3/25/1912 Hoyt to Fuller
Rounds St  Griswold St  1/1/1941 Blaine to Kazoo
Rowe St  Baylis St SW 1/1/1924 McKee to Clyde Park
Rowe St  Withey St  1/1/1920 Buchanen to Everst
Roy Pl  Thelma Pl  10/14/1920 Eastern Easterly
Rural St  Glenwood Av  3/30/1908 Lake Dr to Sherman
Russell   Frances   c 1916 Near Burton
Russell Av  Paris Av  1/1/1906 Adams Southernly
Ryn Av Emerald Av  NE 
Ryn Ct  Emerald Av  1/1/1928 Leonard to Spencer
Saunders Av  Cornwall Av  5/20/1889
School St  Norwood Av  3/25/1912 Wealthy and Robinson Rd
Scott Av  Oswego St  10/14/1920 E of Bristol
Scott Av  Standard Av  10/14/1920 S off Butterworth
Scribner St  Ramona Av  5/16/1892
Second Av  Pleasant St  3/25/1912 Division to Oakland
Second Pl  Aster Pl NE 10/14/1920 S of Fountain St
Second St  Dale Av  5/16/1892 Monroe to Coit
Seventh Av  Prince St  5/16/1892
Seventh Av  Ryerson St  3/25/1912 Division Ave West
Seventh St  Burr Oak St NE 5/16/1892 Monroe to Coit
Seventh St  Stocking Av  10/14/1920 Stocking to Walker
Seymour Av  Blaine Av SE 1/1/1926 Adams to Everette
Sharon Av  Simmons Av  modern Dean Northerly
Shawmut Bl  Lake Michigan Dr  1/1/1928 Front to winter
Sheldon   Horton   early 1900's Near Burton
Sheldon Av  Horton Av  1/1/1926 Alger Northernly
Sheldon Av  LaSalle St  1/3/1892 Burton to Crofton
Sheldon Ct  Flint Ct  10/14/1920 Sheldon Westerly
Shepard St  Lane Av  5/16/1892
Shoemaker Al  Krakow Pl  5/25/1912 Butterworth Southernly
Short St  Arlington St  4/10/1899
Sibley Ct  Lenora Tr  1/31/1961 East off Lenorz Dr
Siegel St  Jefferson St  7/12/1873
Silas Av  Benjamin Av  3/25/1912
Sinkiewicz   Race t  3/25/1912 Diamond to Fuller
Sixth Av  Antoine St SW 3/25/1912 West off Division
Sixth Av  Worden St  3/25/1892
Sixth St  Dean St  5/16/1892
Sky St  Purlawski St  3/12/1912 Lane to Marion
Smith Av  Ruth Av  1/1/1916
South   Majors DCt  5/16/1892
Spring St  Commerce   3/29/1898
Springbrook      Post 1916 Hall and Adms V
Springfield St  Fifth St  1/1/1928 Stocking to Fremont
St George Av  Jerome Av  9/27/1948 South from Burton
St John Av  Towner Av  1/1/1916
St Peter   Alice Av  1/1/1916 SW
Stafford Av  Thomas Av  1/1/1916
Stanley Ct  Stanley Tr  1/1/1913 E Stanley Terr
Stella Ct  Windsor Tr  1/1/1914 Union to Fitch E Windsor
Stewart St  Maybelle St  3/25/1912 Eastern to Fuller
Stone St  Fifth St  11/19/1865 Seward to Stocking
Stow St  Nagold St  3/25/1912 West off Fremont
Stuard Av  Cole Av  10/14/1920 North off Sweet
Sullivan Ct  Liberty St  1/1/1915 E Liberty
Summer St  Summer Av  3/25/1912 Fulton to Wealthy
Summit St  Ellsworth Av  11/23/1885 Fulton to Wealthy
Sunnyside Av  Fuller Av  1/1/1926 Adams to Boston
Sunrise Av  Marcella Av  10/14/1920 S off Bridge
Susan St  Gilbert St  4/30/1894
Sutherland Av  Benson Av NE 5/26/1892
Ten Haaf Al  Ten Haaf Ct  5/26/1892 W of Grandville Ave
Tennyson Al  Hope St  1/1/1916 E Hope
Tenth Av  Shelby St  3/25/1912 W off Division
Tenth St  Ledyard St  3/25/1912 W of Front
Terrace Av  Prospect A  10/14/1920 Fulton to Burton
Terrace St  Race St  4/10/1899
Third Av  Breens Ct  3/25/1912 Grandville to New
Third Av  Grant St  3/25/1912 Division to New
Third St  Third Av  7/12/1873
Third St  Travis Av  5/16/1892 Monroe to Coit
Thirteenth St  Morgan St  3/25/1912 White Westerly
Thomas Av  Staffford Av  10/14/1920 Griggs to Rowe
Thompson   Fuller Av  5/16/1892 Leonard to Hall
Thornapple Rd  Lake Av  7/12/1873
Thurman      1/1/1892 Alexander to Hall E Giddings
Tile St  Reed St  10/1/1883 Carrier to Page
Toledo Carrier Creek Blvd NE
Trankla Av  Palace Av  1/1/1916 E Palace
Tremont St  Bowery St  7/12/1873 Front to Winter
Trumbull Pl  Paris Av  1/1/1938 S off Hopson
Turner Ct  Elgin Ct  10/14/1920 Jefferson to Salem
Tustin Av  Travis Av  5/16/1892
Twelfth Av  Canton St  3/25/1912 W off Division
Twelfth St  Leonard St  3/25/1912
Union Bl  Union Av  3/25/1912 Adams Southernly
Union St  Cypress St  7/12/1873 Alpine
Union St  Union Bl  5/16/1892 Adams to Burton
Valley   Blumrich  NW 1/1/1890 Front to Winter E Blumrich
Valley Av  Frederick Av  10/14/1920 Leonard to Crosby
Valley Av  VanBuren Ab  10/14/1920 Walker to Rennslaar
Valley Pl  Dover   4/10/1899 S off Crosby
Valley St  VanDine   4/10/1899
VanderLeest   Liberty St  1/1/1924
Vandermeer Av Liberty Av SW
VanDine Al  VanDine Ct  4/10/1899
VanHeulen Av  Meerse St  1/1/1928 Division Easterly
VanHeulen Av  Spruce St  1/1/1922 Jefferson to Madison
Vans Ct  Courtney St  10/14/1920 W off Frederick
Vernon St  Griswold St  10/14/1920 W off Madison
Victoria St  Ann St NW 3/25/1912 Grand River to Will
Vine Av  Coldbrook St  10/14/1920
Vineland Av  Calvin Av  1/1/1926 Adams to Boston
Wansey St  Cottage Grove   5/16/1892
Ward St  Banner St  1/1/1916
Warner Av  Cambriddge Dr  9/27/1948 Adams to Boston
Washington St  George St  4/10/1899
Washington St  Sibley St  7/12/1873 Straight to Delony
Water St E Waterloo Dy  7/12/1873
Water St W Front St  7/12/1873
Waterloo St  Market St  4/10/1899
Waters Ct  Lister Ct  10/14/1920 W off Plainfield
Waters St  Turner   10/14/1920
Watrous Av  Lafayette Ave 1/1/1924 Dale to Eleanor
Watson Ct  Roberts Ct  3/25/1912 E off Grandville
Wealthy St Al  Donovan Ct  1/1/1925
Wealthy St Al  Lambert Ct  1/1/1893 E off Grandville E Lambert
Weaver St  Ardmore St  1/21/1924 SE  
Wells St  Hollister St 4/10/1899
Wenham Av  LoGan St  3/25/1912 Division to Lafayette
West St  Garfield Av  3/25/1912 Bridge Northerly
White Av  VanBuren Av  10/14/1920 Walker to Cora
Wilder St  Home Av  5/16/1892
Wilhelmina Av Alba Av SW
William St  Peaslee St  7/12/1873 Park
Williams   Thirteenth   4/10/1873
Wilson Av  Patton Av  1/1/1945
Windsor Pl  Geneva Pl  3/25/1912 Franklin to Prince
Windsor St  Fifth Av  10/15/1877
Winona St  Eola St  5/27/1946
Withey St  Fifth St  10/15/1877 Sheldon and Jefferson
Withey St  Jefferson Av  8/25/1860
Withey St N McConnell St  10/11/1873
Withey St S Withey St  10/11/1873
Woodland Av  Fuller St  5/18/1862 Leonard to Hall
Woodland Av  Kalamazoo Av  5/16/1892
Woodmere Ct  Woodmere St  1/1/1910
Woodmere St  Woodmere Ct  5/31/1910
Woodward Av Newport Av SW
Woodworth St  Alexander St  10/14/1920 Union to Eastern
Workman Ct  VanRaalte Dr  1/13/1949 Grandville to Chicago Dr
Workman St  VanRaalte Dr  11/1/1892
York Rd  Norwood Av  3/25/1912 Robinson Rd Northernly
Yuba Av  Houseman St  5/16/1892
Zeeland Ct  Brunners Al  4/10/1899
      Transcribed by Barbara Vander Mark, State Certified Real Property
** Status:    Appraiser II for the Grand Rapids City Assessor's Office.  She obtained
    E = still in existence    the data from the Grand Rapids City Engineers, Grand Rapids
    V= street no longer      City Assessors (Robert Barber, et al), Grand Rapids Fire
         in existence    Department, Grand Rapids Street Sign Office, and Grand Rapids
      Police Department.
Some additional streets were added by
Joel Weintraub from a 1930 city street guide