OLD NAME (normally) NEW NAME (or Designation) LOCATION
81st (New Name) *** HOLLIS
81st (New Name) *** GLENDALE
81st (New Name) *** MASPETH
81st (New Name) *** WOODHAVEN
81st  (New Name) *** ELMHURST
81st AVE (New Name) *** FLORAL PARK
81st AVE (New Name) *** FLUSHING
81st AVE (New Name) *** GLENDALE
81st AVE (New Name) *** HOLLIS
81st AVE (New Name) *** JAMAICA
81st AVE (New Name) *** KEW GARDENS
81st DRIVE (New Name) *** HOLLIS
81st DRIVE (New Name) *** JAMAICA
81st DRIVE (New Name) *** QUEENS VILLAGE
81st ROAD (New Name) *** GLENDALE
81st ROAD (New Name) *** HOLLIS
81st ROAD (New Name) *** JAMAICA
81st ROAD (New Name) *** QUEENS VILLAGE
82nd (New Name) *** ELMHURST
82nd (New Name) *** GLENDALE
82nd (New Name) *** MASPETH
82nd (New Name) *** WOODHAVEN
82nd AVE (New Name) *** FLORAL PARK
82nd AVE (New Name) *** GLENDALE
82nd AVE (New Name) *** HOLLIS
82nd AVE (New Name) *** JAMAICA
82nd AVE (New Name) *** KEW GARDENS
82nd DRIVE (New Name) *** FLORAL PARK
82nd DRIVE (New Name) *** JAMAICA
82nd DRIVE (New Name) *** KEW GARDENS
82nd ROAD (New Name) *** FLORAL PARK
82nd ROAD (New Name) *** GLENDALE
82nd ROAD (New Name) *** JAMAICA
82nd ROAD (New Name) *** KEW GARDENS
83rd (New Name) *** ELMHURST
83rd (New Name) *** GLENDALE
83rd (New Name) *** MASPETH
83rd (New Name) *** WOODHAVEN
83rd AVE (New Name) *** FLORAL PARK
83rd AVE (New Name) *** JAMAICA
83rd AVE (New Name) *** KEW GARDENS
83rd AVE (New Name) *** QUEENS VILLAGE
83rd PLACE/ROAD (New Name) *** ELMHURST
83rd ROAD (New Name) *** FLORAL PARK
83rdDRIVE (New Name) *** KEW GARDENS
84th (New Name) *** ELMHURST
84th (New Name) *** GLENDALE
84th (New Name) *** WOODHAVEN
84th AVE (New Name) *** JAMAICA
84th AVE (New Name) *** KEW GARDENS
84th DRIVE (New Name) *** FLORAL PARK
84th DRIVE (New Name) *** JAMAICA
84th PLACE (New Name) *** ELMHURST
84th ROAD (New Name) *** FLORAL PARK
84th ROAD (New Name) *** JAMAICA
84th ROAD (New Name) *** KEW GARDENS
84th ROAD (New Name) *** QUEENS VILLAGE
85th (New Name) *** ELMHURST
85th (New Name) *** GLENDALE
85th (New Name) *** WOODHAVEN
85th 84th WOODHAVEN
85th AVE (New Name) *** FLORAL PARK
85th AVE (New Name) *** HOLLIS
85th AVE (New Name) *** JAMAICA
85th AVE (New Name) *** QUEENS VILLAGE
85th AVE (New Name) *** RICHMOND HILL
85th AVE (New Name) *** WOODHAVEN
85th DRIVE (New Name) *** FLORAL PARK
85th DRIVE (New Name) *** JAMAICA
85th DRIVE (New Name) *** RICHMOND HILL
85th DRIVE (New Name) *** WOODHAVEN
85th ROAD (New Name) *** FLORAL PARK
85th ROAD (New Name) *** JAMAICA
85th ROAD (New Name) *** RICHMOND HILL
85th ROAD (New Name) *** WOODHAVEN
86th (New Name) *** ELMHURST
86th (New Name) *** GLENDALE
86th (New Name) *** WOODHAVEN
86th AVE (New Name) *** FLORAL PARK
86th AVE (New Name) *** HOLLIS
86th AVE (New Name) *** JAMAICA
86th AVE (New Name) *** QUEENS VILLAGE
86th AVE (New Name) *** RICHMOND HILL
86th AVE (New Name) *** WOODHAVEN
86th CRES (New Name) *** JAMAICA
86th DRIVE (New Name) *** RICHMOND HILL
86th DRIVE (New Name) *** WOODHAVEN
86th ROAD (New Name) *** JAMAICA
86th ROAD (New Name) *** QUEENS VILLAGE
86th ROAD (New Name) *** RICHMOND HILL
86th ROAD (New Name) *** WOODHAVEN
87th (New Name) *** ELMHURST
87th (New Name) *** ELMHURST
87th (New Name) *** GLENDALE
87th (New Name) *** WOODHAVEN
87th AVE (New Name) *** JAMAICA
87th AVE (New Name) *** QUEENS VILLAGE
87th AVE (New Name) *** RICHMOND HILL
87th AVE (New Name) *** RICHMOND HILL
87th AVE (New Name) *** WOODHAVEN
87th DRIVE (New Name) *** HOLLIS
87th DRIVE (New Name) *** JAMAICA
87th ROAD (New Name) *** HOLLIS
87th ROAD (New Name) *** JAMAICA
87th ROAD (New Name) *** RICHMOND HILL
87th ROAD (New Name) *** WOODHAVEN
88th (New Name) *** CORONA
88th (New Name) *** ELMHURST
88th (New Name) *** GLENDALE
88th (New Name) *** WOODHAVEN
88th AVE (New Name) *** JAMAICA
88th AVE (New Name) *** QUEENS VILLAGE
88th AVE (New Name) *** RICHMOND HILL
88th AVE (New Name) *** WOODHAVEN
88th DRIVE (New Name) *** QUEENS VILLAGE
88th LANE (New Name) *** GLENDALE
88th PLACE (New Name) *** GLENDALE
88th ROAD (New Name) *** FLORAL PARK
88th ROAD (New Name) *** JAMAICA
88th ROAD (New Name) *** QUEENS VILLAGE
88th ROAD (New Name) *** WOODHAVEN
89th (New Name) *** CORONA
89th (New Name) *** GLENDALE
89th (New Name) *** WOODHAVEN
89th AVE (New Name) *** HOLLIS
89th AVE (New Name) *** JAMAICA
89th AVE (New Name) *** QUEENS VILLAGE
89th AVE (New Name) *** RICHMOND HILL
89th AVE (New Name) *** WOODHAVEN
89th ROAD (New Name) *** HOLLIS
89th ROAD (New Name) *** QUEENS VILLAGE
90th (New Name) *** CORONA
90th (New Name) *** WOODHAVEN
90th  (New Name) *** ELMHURST
90th AVE (New Name) *** HOLLIS
90th AVE (New Name) *** JAMAICA
90th AVE (New Name) *** QUEENS VILLAGE
90th AVE (New Name) *** RICHMOND HILL
90th AVE (New Name) *** WOODHAVEN
90th COURT (New Name) *** HOLLIS
90th PLACE (New Name) *** ELMHURST
90th ROAD (New Name) *** HOLLIS
90th ROAD (New Name) *** JAMAICA
91st (New Name) *** ELMHURST
91st (New Name) *** WOODHAVEN
91st  (New Name) *** CORONA
91st AVE (New Name) *** HOLLIS
91st AVE (New Name) *** JAMAICA
91st AVE (New Name) *** QUEENS VILLAGE
91st AVE (New Name) *** RICHMOND HILL
91st AVE (New Name) *** WOODHAVEN
91st PLACE (New Name) *** CORONA
91st ROAD (New Name) *** HOLLIS
91st ROAD (New Name) *** QUEENS VILLAGE
92nd (New Name) *** ELMHURST
92nd (New Name) *** WOODHAVEN
92nd  (New Name) *** CORONA
92nd AVE (New Name) *** QUEENS VILLAGE
92nd AVE (New Name) *** RICHMOND HILL
92nd AVE (New Name) *** WOODHAVEN
92nd ROAD (New Name) *** JAMAICA
92nd ROAD (New Name) *** QUEENS VILLAGE
93rd (New Name) *** ELMHURST
93rd (New Name) *** WOODHAVEN
93rd  (New Name) *** CORONA
93rd AVE (New Name) *** HOLLIS
93rd AVE (New Name) *** JAMAICA
93rd AVE (New Name) *** QUEENS VILLAGE
93rd AVE (New Name) *** RICHMOND HILL
93rd AVE (New Name) *** WOODHAVEN
93rd ROAD (New Name) *** HOLLIS
93rd ROAD (New Name) *** QUEENS VILLAGE
94th (New Name) *** CORONA
94th (New Name) *** ELMHURST
94th (New Name) *** WOODHAVEN
94th AVE (New Name) *** HOLLIS
94th AVE (New Name) *** JAMAICA
94th AVE (New Name) *** QUEENS VILLAGE
94th AVE (New Name) *** RICHMOND HILL
94th DRIVE (New Name) *** QUEENS VILLAGE
94th PLACE (New Name) *** WOODHAVEN
94th ROAD (New Name) *** HOLLIS
94th ROAD (New Name) *** QUEENS VILLAGE
95th (New Name) *** CORONA
95th (New Name) *** ELMHURST
95th (New Name) *** WOODHAVEN
95th AVE (New Name) *** JAMAICA
95th AVE (New Name) *** QUEENS VILLAGE
95th AVE (New Name) *** RICHMOND HILL
95th PLACE (New Name) *** WOODHAVEN
96th (New Name) *** CORONA
96th (New Name) *** ELMHURST
96th (New Name) *** WOODHAVEN
96th AVE (New Name) *** QUEENS VILLAGE
96th PLACE (New Name) *** WOODHAVEN
96th ROAD (New Name) *** QUEENS VILLAGE
97th (New Name) *** CORONA
97th (New Name) *** WOODHAVEN
97th AVE (New Name) *** JAMAICA
97th AVE (New Name) *** QUEENS VILLAGE
97th PLACE (New Name) *** CORONA
98th (New Name) *** WOODHAVEN
98th  (New Name) *** CORONA
98th AVE (New Name) *** QUEENS VILLAGE
98th PLACE (New Name) *** CORONA
99th AVE (New Name) *** CORONA
99th AVE (New Name) *** HOLLIS
99th AVE (New Name) *** QUEENS VILLAGE
99th AVE (New Name) *** WOODHAVEN
99th AVE (New Name) *** WOODHAVEN
100th (New Name) *** CORONA
100th (New Name) *** HOWARD BEACH
100th (New Name) *** WOODHAVEN
100th AVE (New Name) *** HOLLIS
100th AVE (New Name) *** QUEENS VILLAGE
101st (New Name) *** CORONA
101st (New Name) *** WOODHAVEN
101st AVE (New Name) *** JAMAICA
101st AVE (New Name) *** QUEENS VILLAGE
101st AVE (New Name) *** RICHMOND HILL
101st AVE (New Name) *** WOODHAVEN
102nd (New Name) *** CORONA
102nd (New Name) *** FOREST HILLS
102nd (New Name) *** RICHMOND HILL
102nd AVE (New Name) *** HOLLIS
102nd AVE (New Name) *** JAMAICA
102nd AVE (New Name) *** QUEENS VILLAGE
102nd AVE (New Name) *** RICHMOND HILL
102nd AVE (New Name) *** WOODHAVEN
102nd ROAD (New Name) *** RICHMOND HILL
102nd ROAD (New Name) *** WOODHAVEN
103rd (New Name) *** CORONA
103rd (New Name) *** FOREST HILLS
103rd (New Name) *** HOWARD BEACH
103rd (New Name) *** OZONE PARK
103rd (New Name) *** RICHMOND HILL
103rd AVE (New Name) *** HOLLIS
103rd AVE (New Name) *** QUEENS VILLAGE
103rd AVE (New Name) *** RICHMOND HILL
103rd AVE (New Name) *** WOODHAVEN
103rd DRIVE (New Name) *** RICHMOND HILL
103rd ROAD (New Name) *** JAMAICA
103rd ROAD (New Name) *** RICHMOND HILL
104th (New Name) *** CORONA
104th (New Name) *** FOREST HILLS
104th (New Name) *** HOWARD BEACH
104th (New Name) *** RICHMOND HILL
104th AVE (New Name) *** HOLLIS
104th AVE (New Name) *** JAMAICA
104th AVE (New Name) *** QUEENS VILLAGE
104th ROAD (New Name) *** JAMAICA
105th (New Name) *** FOREST HILLS
105th (New Name) *** RICHMOND HILL
105th (New Name) *** WOODHAVEN
105th  (New Name) *** CORONA
105th AVE (New Name) *** HOLLIS
105th AVE (New Name) *** JAMAICA
105th AVE (New Name) *** QUEENS VILLAGE
105th AVE (New Name) *** RICHMOND HILL
105th PLACE (New Name) *** RICHMOND HILL
105th ROAD (New Name) *** JAMAICA
106th (New Name) *** CORONA
106th (New Name) *** RICHMOND HILL
106th (New Name) *** WOODHAVEN
106th AVE (New Name) *** HOLLIS
106th AVE (New Name) *** JAMAICA
106th AVE (New Name) *** QUEENS VILLAGE
106th AVE (New Name) *** WOODHAVEN
106th ROAD (New Name) *** JAMAICA
107th (New Name) *** RICHMOND HILL
107th (New Name) *** WOODHAVEN
107th  (New Name) *** CORONA
107th AVE (New Name) *** HOLLIS
107th AVE (New Name) *** JAMAICA
107th AVE (New Name) *** QUEENS VILLAGE
107th AVE (New Name) *** RICHMOND HILL
107th AVE (New Name) *** WOODHAVEN
107th ROAD (New Name) *** JAMAICA
108th (New Name) *** CORONA
108th (New Name) *** FOREST HILLS
108th (New Name) *** RICHMOND HILL
108th (New Name) *** WOODHAVEN
108th AVE (New Name) *** HOLLIS
108th AVE (New Name) *** JAMAICA
108th AVE (New Name) *** QUEENS VILLAGE
108th AVE (New Name) *** RICHMOND HILL
108th AVE (New Name) *** WOODHAVEN
108th DRIVE (New Name) *** JAMAICA
108th ROAD (New Name) *** JAMAICA
109th (New Name) *** CORONA
109th (New Name) *** RICHMOND HILL
109th (New Name) *** WOODHAVEN
109th AVE (New Name) *** HOLLIS
109th AVE (New Name) *** JAMAICA
109th AVE (New Name) *** QUEENS VILLAGE
109th AVE (New Name) *** RICHMOND HILL
109th AVE (New Name) *** WOODHAVEN
109th DRIVE (New Name) *** JAMAICA
109th PLACE (New Name) *** AQUEDUCT
109th PLACE (New Name) *** JAMAICA
109th ROAD (New Name) *** HOLLIS
109th ROAD (New Name) *** JAMAICA
109th ROAD (New Name) *** SOUTH OZONE PARK
110th (New Name) *** COLLEGE POINT
110th (New Name) *** CORONA
110th (New Name) *** FOREST HILLS
110th (New Name) *** RICHMOND HILL
110th AVE (New Name) *** HOLLIS
110th AVE (New Name) *** QUEENS VILLAGE
110th ROAD (New Name) *** HOLLIS
110th ROAD (New Name) *** JAMAICA
110th ROAD (New Name) *** QUEENS VILLAGE
110th ROAD (New Name) *** SOUTH OZONE PARK
111th (New Name) *** COLLEGE POINT
111th (New Name) *** CORONA
111th (New Name) *** FOREST HILLS
111th (New Name) *** RICHMOND HILL
111th AVE (New Name) *** HOLLIS
111th AVE (New Name) *** JAMAICA
111th AVE (New Name) *** QUEENS VILLAGE
111th AVE (New Name) *** RICHMOND HILL
111th AVE (New Name) *** SOUTH OZONE PARK
111th ROAD (New Name) *** HOLLIS
111th ROAD (New Name) *** JAMAICA
111th ROAD (New Name) *** QUEENS VILLAGE
112th (New Name) *** COLLEGE POINT
112th (New Name) *** CORONA
112th (New Name) *** FOREST HILLS
112th (New Name) *** RICHMOND HILL
112th AVE (New Name) *** JAMAICA
112th AVE (New Name) *** QUEENS VILLAGE
112th AVE (New Name) *** SOUTH OZONE PARK
112th AVE (New Name) *** ST ALBANS
112th PLACE (New Name) *** CORONA
112th ROAD (New Name) *** QUEENS VILLAGE
112th ROAD (New Name) *** SOUTH JAMAICA
112th ROAD (New Name) *** ST ALBANS
113th (New Name) *** COLLEGE POINT
113th (New Name) *** CORONA
113th (New Name) *** KEW GARDENS
113th (New Name) *** RICHMOND HILL
113th AVE (New Name) *** QUEENS VILLAGE
113th AVE (New Name) *** SOUTH JAMAICA
113th AVE (New Name) *** ST ALBANS
113th DRIVE (New Name) *** QUEENS VILLAGE
113th PLACE (New Name) *** KEW GARDENS
113th ROAD (New Name) *** ST ALBANS
114th (New Name) *** COLLEGE POINT
114th (New Name) *** CORONA
114th (New Name) *** KEW GARDENS
114th (New Name) *** RICHMOND HILL
114th AVE (New Name) *** QUEENS VILLAGE
114th AVE (New Name) *** ST ALBANS
114th DRIVE (New Name) *** QUEENS VILLAGE
114th DRIVE (New Name) *** ST ALBANS
114th ROAD (New Name) *** QUEENS VILLAGE
114th ROAD (New Name) *** ST ALBANS
115th (New Name) *** COLLEGE POINT
115th (New Name) *** RICHMOND HILL
115th AVE (New Name) *** RICHMOND HILL
115th AVE (New Name) *** SOUTH JAMAICA
115th AVE (New Name) *** SOUTH OZONE PARK
115th DRIVE (New Name) *** SOUTH JAMAICA
115th DRIVE (New Name) *** ST ALBANS
115th ROAD (New Name) *** QUEENS VILLAGE
115th ROAD (New Name) *** SOUTH JAMAICA
115th ROAD (New Name) *** ST ALBANS
116th (New Name) *** COLLEGE POINT
116th (New Name) *** CORONA
116th (New Name) *** RICHMOND HILL
116th AVE (New Name) *** QUEENS VILLAGE
116th AVE (New Name) *** SOUTH JAMAICA
116th AVE (New Name) *** SOUTH OZONE PARK
116th AVE (New Name) *** ST ALBANS
116th DRIVE (New Name) *** SOUTH JAMAICA
116th PLACE (New Name) *** CORONA
116th ROAD (New Name) *** SOUTH JAMAICA
116th ROAD (New Name) *** SOUTH OZONE PARK
116th ROAD (New Name) *** ST ALBANS
117th (New Name) *** COLLEGE POINT
117th (New Name) *** CORONA
117th (New Name) *** RICHMOND HILL
117th ROAD (New Name) *** SOUTH OZONE PARK
117th ROAD (New Name) *** SPRINGFIELD
117th ROAD (New Name) *** ST ALBANS
118th (New Name) *** RICHMOND HILL
118th  (New Name) *** COLLEGE POINT
118th AVE (New Name) *** SOUTH JAMAICA
118th AVE (New Name) *** SPRINGFIELD
118th AVE (New Name) *** ST ALBANS
118th ROAD (New Name) *** SOUTH OZONE PARK
118th ROAD (New Name) *** ST ALBANS
119th (New Name) *** COLLEGE POINT
119th AVE (New Name) *** SOUTH JAMAICA
119th AVE (New Name) *** SOUTH OZONE PARK
119th AVE (New Name) *** ST ALBANS
119th DRIVE (New Name) *** SOUTH OZONE PARK
119th DRIVE (New Name) *** ST ALBANS
119th PLACE (New Name) *** COLLEGE POINT
119th ROAD (New Name) *** SOUTH JAMAICA
119th ROAD (New Name) *** SOUTH OZONE PARK
119th ROAD (New Name) *** ST ALBANS
120th (New Name) *** KEW GARDENS
120th (New Name) *** RICHMOND HILL
120th  (New Name) *** COLLEGE POINT
120th  (New Name) *** CORONA
120th AVE (New Name) *** SOUTH JAMAICA
120th AVE (New Name) *** SOUTH OZONE PARK
120th AVE (New Name) *** ST ALBANS
120th ROAD  (New Name) *** ST ALBANS
*  This list was mainly generated from actually from the 1920s to 1930s.  shown, or shown in communities that
a 195 page document on LDS Film The table quality led to some "?" in didn't exist at the time of the table.
# 1976731.  One posting on the Web our transcription.  In some cases the In addition, over 200 street changes
indicated it had been filmed in 1994 location was given as X to Y and we were added to this table from a
at the Queens County Clerk's office. had to guess at the intervening  1930 table on NARA film M1931.
The table is undated, and there are locations.  Thus there may be Additional streets from a 1928 street
no instructions.  It is likely the table is streets that are not in the location guide as well are included here.
**  We think that "OLD NAME" refers to
streets no longer in existence at the
time of the table.  However, we are
not sure of this, and have put this
designation  in parentheses in this table.
***  There are over 8,700 entries here produced during the expansion It may also be that these streets retained their
and over 3,500 showed "NEW NAME." of communities on Queens, and old street names, but changed their designations
It may be that "NEW NAME" was a current to the list.  from Ave to Street or Street to Avenue.
reminder to the list user of the time
that the street name was a name Bottom line is that we are not
currently in use, and not one of the quite sure how to interpret this
older names that had been changed category and have put parentheses
to a numeric street name.  It could around such designations.
also represent streets that were
Some of these name changes may Caution: George Miller, who has 
be for "paper" streets.  That is, some studied street changes in Queens
of the higher numbered street names in for 20 years, indicated to us:
our table that show name changes "there is no clean, clear-cut way to
might have only existed on planning ever explain what happened and
maps and then renamed when the exactly what changes took place,
actual street was put in. and the street name listings are very
misleading, because the old names
in many cases apply only to a
portion of a current roadway - and
there are many old 19th century 
names of Queens roads that don't
appear on any listing."