1st (Cueve Coeur Lake) Poinsettia
1st Ave Wise Ave
2nd Ave Park Ave W
3rd (Cueve Coeur Lake) Hibiscus
3rd Ave Nashville Ave
4th (Cueve Coeur Lake) Petunia
5th Broadway
5th (Cueve Coeur Lake) Lobella
6th Vermont
6th (Cueve Coeur Lake) Carnation
7th (Cueve Coeur Lake) Lantana
8th Idaho Ave
8th (Cueve Coeur Lake) Verbena
9th (Cueve Coeur Lake) Wisteria Dr
10th (Cueve Coeur Lake) Zinnia
11th Tennessee Ave/Pl (part)
11th (Cueve Coeur Lake) Morning Glory
12th   12th Blvd
12th Blvd Tucker Blvd
12th N Hadley
13th (Cueve Coeur Lake) Columbine
13th St S (part) Demenil Pl
14th 37th
14th (Cueve Coeur Lake) Narcissus
15th Dewey Ave
15th (Cueve Coeur Lake) Daffodill
16th 38th
16th 39th
16th (Cueve Coeur Lake) Laurel
17th (Cueve Coeur Lake) Goldenrod
59th January Ave (part)
A Ulena Ave
Aberdeen Pl Childress Ave
Albertine Ave Lena Ave
Allanthus Maple Pl
Almont Acres (Ladue) Almont
Alsace Ave Palm
American Ave Mitchell Pl
Arnot Ave Rosalie
Ashland Pl Camellia Ave
B Steffens Ave
Belle Ter W Kensington Pl
Berlin Ave Pershing Ave
Bernays Ave Union Ave
Bertha Ave Hamilton Ter
Beverly La Sappington Acres
Billon Ave Hampton Ave (part)
Bircher Taylor Ave
Bismarck 4th S
Boyuer La (Kirkwood) Boyer La
Branconier Pl Hammett Pl
Brockett Pl Steffens Ave
Brunswick January Ave (part)
Buck Ave Fairmont Ave
Butler Ave Park Ln
Caldwell Kingshighway Pk
Calvary Ave Ruskin Ave
Carondelet Park Ct Leona
Century Pl Montclair Ave
Cheltenham Ave West Park Ave
Chippewa 7100 W Watson Rd
Circle Dr Rivermont Dr
Clayton Ter (Dwyer) Anderson Dr
Columbia Bottom Rd River View Dr
Congress 4th (part)
Cook Ave Newberry Ter
Cooper Marconi Ave
Cozens (part) Evans Ave (part) or in area
Dale Ave Sanford Ave
Davies Pl Cockrill
De Giverville Berlin
DeJong Greer Ave (part)
Delano (Berkeley) Evans
Delmar Blvd (part) Convention Plaza
Delor Ct River Bluff Pl
Delwood Ct (Ferguson) Dellwood Ct
Duncan Ave Parkview Dr/Pl
Eager Rd DeTonty
Easton Ave Martin Luther King Dr
Elenore Ave Christy Ave
Embassy Ct (Kirkwood) Marlin La
Euclid Pl Westminster Pl
Ewing (part) Huntley Ave
Fairfax Ave C D Banks Ave
Fairfield Pl Germania
Ford Ave Newberry Ter
Forest Park Ter Lindell Ave
Forsythia La (Olivette) Osprey
Fox Pl Fassen
Frueh Ave Stratford Ave
Garesche Blvd Garesche Ave
Garfield Lotus
Garrison Ave (part) Pleasant
Germania Fairfield Pl
Gerritt Ave Garritt Ave
Gibson Rd Chambers Rd
Glen Aire Pl (Kirkwood) Glenridge
Glenslope Dr Greenslope Dr
Goodfellow Pl Northland Ave
Graeser Rd (Mehlville) Patterson Rd
Grand Ave Grand Blvd
Grand-Kingshighway Grand Blvd (Ave)
Grant Ct Grant Pl
Grimsby (Oakville) Grimsley Rd
Habsburger Ave Cecil Pl
Halls Pl Eiler
Hamburger Ave St Louis Ave
Hapsburger Ave Cecil Pl
Harlem Ave Taylor Ave
Hawk Ave St Bernard's Ln
Hellrung Pl Park Lane
Henrietta Ct Alexander
Hiawatha Pulaski
Highland Ave Spalding Ave
Hogan Enright Ave (part)
Hogan Pl Cupples Pl
Htuchion Ave (Ellisville) Hutchinson Rd
Hwy MO 21 Tesson Ferry Rd
Hwy MO 30 Gravois Rd
Hwy MO 340 Olive St Rd
Hwy MO 77 Lindbergh Blvd
Hwy US 50 Manchester Rd
Hwy US 61 (Kirkwood) Lindbergh Blvd
Hwy US 61 (Mehlville) Lemay Ferry Rd
Inland Ct (Affton) Inlet Ct
Iron Federer Pl (part)
Isaiah Ave Harlan Ave
Jacob Kingsbury Blvd
Jefferson Ave W Jefferson Ave S
Jefferson Ave W Ohio Ave
Jennings Ave Lillian Ave
Kaiser Gresham Ave
Kansas Holly Hill Ave
Kennerly Ave Northland Ave/Pl
Kidd Ct Sells Ave
Kingshighway Blvd N Kingshighway Memorial Blvd
Kingshighway NW Riverview Blvd/Dr
Kingshighway Park Bellerive Blvd
Kingshighway SE Bellerive Blvd
Kingshighway SE Kingshighway Park
Kingshighway SW (part) Christy Blvd
Klocke La Tiggeman La
Knapstein Pl Providence Pl
Kobermann Ave Schroeder Pl
Korn Ave Macklind Ave
Kramis Dr Meridith
LaVerne Pl (Brentwood) Shank Pl
Leafland Ct Leasland
Leffingwell Ave (part) Archie Moore Pl
Leona Gustine Ave (part)
Lindell Ave Lindell Blvd
Little's Pl Cora Ave
Locust Locust Blvd
Loretta Lloyd Ave (part)
Lorraine Ave Lexington Ave
Lucky Aldine Ave
Lucretia Montclair Ave
Lulu Ave Walton Pl
Main 1st
Malt Mott
Manchester (part) Market
Marie Odell
Marie Rabenberg Pl
Market N Wabada Ave
Market Pl Muriel
May S Cherry Ln
McCaffery Pl Elmbank Ave (part)
Mead Goodfellow Ave
Miller La (Ascalon) Mueller La
Montgomery Pl Cottage Ave
Moore 17th
Morgan Delmar Blvd (part)
Morgan Enright Ave (part)
Nebraska Haven
Neosho Taft Ave
North Blvd (Brentwood) Brentwood Blvd
Oakland Ave Oackland Ave
Olive (part) Gas Light Sq
Olivia Spring Ave
O'Meara Ave Neosho (part)
Orange Linden
Pansey Harris Ave (part)
Pansy Ave Harris Ave
Pauline Alfred Ave
Penn Senate
Pine West Pine Blvd
Prado La (Ladue) The Prado
Rabenberg Pl Odell
Rebecca Alberta
Redforth (Sherman) Radforth
Robbins Lane 16th W
Russell Pl Roger Pl
Rutger Oakland Ave
Scanlon Pl Dryden Ave/Ct
Schill Pl Schiller Pl
Short Montgomery S
Sinai Ave Newby
Skinker Rd Skinker Blvd
Slevin Ave Farlin Ave
Sophie Ave Harris Ave (part)
South Blvd (Brentwood) Brentwood Blvd
South Rd Dale Ave
Spalding Ave Highland Ave
Spring Ave W Redd Foxx Ln
Spring Dr Adrian Dr
Springdale (Berkeley) Flavia
Springdale (Berkeley) Shellbark
St Alphonsus Olphonsus Pl
Stedelin Ave Wagner Ter
Steffens Ave Stephens Ave
Stringtown Rd Compton Ave S
Targee Johnson
Terrace Gardens (Frontenac) Terrace Pl
Theobald Veronica
Therma Ter Wyatt Pl
Thompson Ave Garrison Ave (part)
Tiffany 39th
Tom 20th S
Topping Hills (Des Peres) Topping La
Tracy Rd Kingshighway NW
Turner Ave Athlone Ave (part)
Turner Ave (Carsonville) Trumbell
Union Ave Claxton Ave (part)
Union Pl Wicklow Pl
Unter den Linden Linden Ave
Upton Sunshine Dr
Vanderburgh Ave Alhambra Ct
Varrelmann Ave Varnelmann Ave
Von Versen Ave Enright Ave (part)
Wagner Ter Ryan Ter
Wagoner Pl Dick Gregory Pl
Warren (S Kinloch) Waring
Wash Cole
Washington Pl Fairground Pl
Weiss (Lemay) Ave C
Widow La (Jennings) Worthey
Wiesehan Ave Benita Ave
Woodland Ct Woodbine Ct
Woods 15th S
Woods 59th
Joel Weintraub transcriber *** from 1929&1931 directories
also street name changesfrom the 20th century from St Louis
Library Website, and also some from comparison of 1930 to 1943
street map (although some of those may be typos).
Also added changes from 1955 Street Directory.