Converting between Census EDs in One Step
Stephen P. Morse, PhD   Joel D. Weintraub, PhD   David R. Kehs, PhD

For most small cities, the 1920 ED numbers (as well as the 1930 ED numbers) can be found directly with this utility. In that case, after you select the state you would select the city, and a set of ED numbers for that city will be displayed. If it really is a small city, there won't be many EDs and you can easily search through each one looking for the address that you want.

For larger cities, this utility will let you obtain the 1920 ED number of an address if you already know the ED number of that address in the 1930 census. The 1930 ED number can be obtained using the One-Step tool at Once you obtain the 1930 ED number with that tool, you will be presented with a button that links you back to this utility to do the conversion.

For all other areas, you would again use this utility to convert the 1930 ED number to the 1920 one, but in this case you would get the 1930 ED number from the One-Step ED Definition tool at

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