Searching the US Census by Name in One Step (free)

Stephen P. Morse, San Francisco


1. Fill in some information on the FIND PERSON form below and press the SEARCH button
2. Click on a name in the results that appear
3a. (1940) Click on the "View image" link on the right side and skip the remaining steps
3b. (1900, 1870, 1850) Either click on the "View image" link, or continue with the steps below
3c. (other years) Continue with the steps below

Second thoughts: The "View image" or "View original document" link now exists for all years
The steps below are no longer needed but are being shown just in case there is a problem getting to the image

4a. (1880 to 1940) Make a note of the page or sheet number and the letter
4b. (1850 to 1870) Make a note of the family number
4c. (before 1850) Do nothing
5. Note the GS or FHL film number (not the NARA film number) and image number
6. Enter the film number and image number in the DISPLAY IMAGE form below
7. Press the GET IMAGE button
8a. (1880 to 1930) Scroll as necessary to get to desired page/sheet number and letter
8b. (1850 to 1880) Scroll as necessary to get to desired family number
8c. (before 1850) Scroll as necessary to find the person

FIND PERSON:    Location     Hits/page
  Person    Spouse    Father    Mother
Given Name
Family Name
Birthplace     Born between and    

DISPLAY IMAGE:    GS or FHL film number or 1940 DFN     image number    

Data presented here comes from
Family Search
Internet Archives.
© Stephen P. Morse, 2011