Deciphering Miscellaneous Codes Appended to the 1950 Census in One Step

Stephen P. Morse, PhD  &  Joel D. Weintraub, PhD

The codes that appear in the various lettered columns of the 1950 U.S. Census have been summarized in a Census Bureau publication which appears on the IPUMS website . These codes were put on the census pages well after the enumeration was done, and therefore provide no additional information. However, sometimes knowing the code can help you determine the information in cases where the quality of the microfilm is poor or the handwriting of the enumerator is difficult to read.

To decipher the information, enter the codes from the appropriate census column into the boxes below.

Columns 9, 10, 12, 26, 31, 32 -- see Deciphering ICR and MPF Information in One Step

Column 11: Age
This is normally a number and not a code
But if it contains X, it means it was a child born in Jan, Feb, or March of 1950

Column A: Relationship to head of household

Column B: Birthplace if born within US

Column B: Birthplace if born outside US

Column B: Birthplace if born at sea or not specified

Column C: Occupation/industry -- see Deciphering 1950 Occupation Codes in One Step

Column D: Residence in 1949

Column E: Parents' country of birth

Column F: Income received by person

Column G: Income received by relatives in household -- same encoding as in column F

Column H: Veteran (codes not yet found)

Data presented here comes from
Census of Population 1950: Public Use Microdata Sample .
The 1950 Censuses -- How They Were Taken .

© Stephen P. Morse, 2016