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Creating a Search Application in One Step

Stephen P. Morse, San Francisco

Describe the Form
Author: E-Mail Address:
Database Name: Search Engine is at:
Button 1 Text: Button 1 URL:
Button 2 Text: Button 2 URL:
Soundex Type: American Daitch-Mokotoff Search Engine: SQL PHP Perl js js-2
Location of raw tab-delimited data:
For SQL Database only
username: password: host: database: table:
Define the Fields
Select a field to edit:
Edit selected field by modifying one or more of the properties below:
Field Name:
Database Column: Screen Column:
Select value from dropdown list Use indexing on this field Place details on this field
Search by:     is exactly     sounds like     is phonetically     starts with     contains     ends with     is between
Create the Results

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see companion tool for creating image viewers
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