Updating Ysearch DNA Markers in One Step

Stephen P. Morse, San Francisco

Ysearch, the free, public genetic-genealogy database, is no longer accessible as a result of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that went into effect on May 25th 2018.

FamilyTreeDNA is a company that performs DNA testing and stores the results on their website
Ysearch is a public service that provides for the storage of Y-chromosome DNA results
FamilyTreeDNA lets you automatically create a new Ysearch account and transfer your results to it
If you later test more markers at FamilyTreeDNA, there is no way to automatically update the Ysearch account
This form allows you to update an existing Ysearch account with the latest results stored in FamilyTreeDNA

[Second Thoughts: it appears that FamilyTreeDNA now lets up automatically update your Ysearch markers]

  Kit or ID Code or Password

   Be patient -- it takes a while

Data presented here comes from Ysearch and FamilyTreeDNA

This page will fetch data from FamilyTreeDNA's website. There is no security leak on their site; the only way I am able to fetch the data is by using the kit and code number that you have entered. Any person or website not knowing those values cannot fetch your data from FamilyTreeDNA.

I do not collect and store your kit and code numbers. Of course I have no way of proving that to you, so if you do not trust me please do not use this site. I promise I won't be offended.

Stephen P. Morse, 2008