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Ship Lists: Searching for Ships in the All New York Microfilms in One Step

Stephen P. Morse, San Francisco


This tool will display images of the manifest pages for selected ship arrivals. The images come from the scanned microfilm frames that are on the website. However I do not have a table telling which frame of the familysearch scanned microfilm is the first frame for each ship arrival.

I do have such tables for the scanned microfilm that is on the website and on the website. Those tables are used by my respective Ship Lists tools for those two sites -- namely Ellis Island Ship List Tool and Ancestry Ship List Tool. Those two Ship List Tools will always take you to the first frame for the selected ship arrival.

Since I do not have the table for familysearch, this tool will use one of the other two tables (you get to choose which one). However the frame numbers on all three websites may differ slightly, depending on how each site did the scanning. That means that the frame that this tool takes you to might be slightly before or slightly after the first frame for that ship arrival. If the initial image you see is for a different ship, you will probably need to advance a few frames in order to get to the desired ship. If the initial image is for the desired ship, you might need to go back a few frames to get to the first frame for that ship.

There are several differences between the table and the table. Click for details.

There are reasons to use this Ship Lists tool rather than either of the other two. Click for details.

Microfilm Series is
Roll is between and
Volume is between and   Volume numbers apply to T715 series only.

Arrived between

Ship Name
starts with or is
is exactly
         Start search at entry
Port Name
starts with or is
is exactly
         Number of hits/page
Table to use see caveat above

Stephen P. Morse, 2002