Thanks to ...

the following people who graciously gave of their time in order to make it easier for all of us to find ships in the Ellis Island microfilms.  This is in addition to all the people who helped compile the lists that I've received from the National Archives and Records Administration (Pittsfield MA) and from the Immigration and Naturalization Service (Marian Smith).

Anita Arkin
Arlene Radansky
Barbara Farquharson
Barbara Rushinski
Barry Chrenen
Birthe Getzlaf
Bob Suddath
Bonnie Fredericks
Carol Towery
Charlotte Showel
Chris Robinson
Christi Riley
Christina Pomeroy
Christine Elia
Dee Feagin
Dolph Klein
Donna Gilliotti
Dori Wiley
Gloria Burton
Ines Mannhardt
Joan Spinelli
John Peters
Joseph Nemeth
Judi Marshall
Kathi Travis
Kerri Garvey
Kim Lemberg
Laura Kandro
Leif Samuelsson
Linda Pukay
Marlene Norton
Margaret Barnicle
Marianne Dahl
Martha Kirk
Marilyn Peters
Maryann Bacsik
Michael Kaplan
Michelle Barnea
Nancy Hunt
Norm Solat
Pam Richards
Paul Finelt
Paul Greenblatt
Pete Bronecke
Peter Rader
Phyllis Frameli
Richard Gostautas
Ron Miller
Sandy Heinman
Seth Orloff
Shelle Lamb
Skip Mickey
Sue Swiggum
Suzanne Danet
Theresa Farris
Wendy Griswold

A special thanks goes to Bea Giusti who had the original idea for the project and who personally headed up its initial phase.

-- Steve Morse