Accessing Castle Garden and Barge Office Manifests in One Step
(from 1851 to 1891 -- includes some pre Castle Garden manifests too)

Stephen P. Morse, San Francisco
To make best use of this page, it should be used in conjunction with the Ship-Lists page. That page will allow you to go directly to the roll and frame for any ship arrival.

In 1819 congress passed legislation requiring passenger ships coming from foreign ports to submit lists (manifests) of the arriving passengers. Those manifests have subsequently been placed on microfilm rolls at the National Archives as follows:

1820 to 1850: microfilm series M237, rolls 1 to 94
1851 to 1891: microfilm series M237, rolls 95 to 580
1892 to 1897: microfilm series M237, rolls 581 to 675
1897 to 1924: microfilm series T715, rolls 1 to 3590
The passengers were processed at various places, depending on the year of arrival.
up to July 31, 1855: No processing. Passengers simply walked off the ship.
August 1, 1855 to April 18, 1890: Castle Garden
April 19, 1890 to December 31, 1891: Barge Office
January 1, 1892 to June 13, 1897: Ellis Island
June 14, 1897 to December 16, 1900: Barge Office (Ellis Island closed due to fire)
December 17, 1900 to December 31 1924: Ellis Island
Copies of the microfilm rolls exist on several websites. This page provides direct access to the manifests. A subscription to is required to view the manifest images. For direct access to the manifests use my Ellis Island form. No subscription is required to view the the manifest images.

Stephen P. Morse, 2004