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Helpful Websites for Alabama Church

Alabama, Church Records, 1831-1994

Helpful Websites for Arkansas Church

Arkansas Church Marriages, 1860-1976
Arkansas, Church Records, 1922-1977

Helpful Websites for California Church

California, Church Records, 1864-1985

Helpful Websites for Colorado Church

Colorado, Church Records, 1692-1942

Helpful Websites for Connecticut Church

Connecticut, Church Records, 1660-1955

Helpful Websites for Delaware Church

Delaware Church Deaths, 1750-1886
Delaware, Church Records, 1707-1939

Helpful Websites for Florida Church

Florida, Church Records, 1834-1997

Helpful Websites for Georgia Church

Georgia Church Marriages, 1754-1960
Georgia, Church Vital Records, 1828-1991

Helpful Websites for Idaho Church

Idaho Church Marriages, 1864-1976

Helpful Websites for Illinois Church

Illinois, Chicago, Catholic Church Records, 1833-1925
Illinois, Church Marriages, 1805-1985
Illinois, Church Records, 1837-1995
Illinois, Diocese of Belleville, Catholic Parish Records, 1729-1956

Helpful Websites for Indiana Church

Indiana, Church Marriages, 1780-1993
Indiana, Church Records, 1743-1966

Helpful Websites for Iowa Church

Iowa, Church Records, 1839-2004
Iowa, Church and Civil Births and Baptisms, 1837-1987
Iowa, Church and Civil Deaths, 1845-1987
Iowa, Church and Civil Marriages, 1837-1989
Iowa, Evangelical Lutheran Church, Vital Records, 1866-1919

Helpful Websites for Kansas Church

Kansas, Church Records, 1826-1992
Kansas, Swedish Church Records, 1863-1914
Kansas, Swedish Church Vital Records, 1861-1918

Helpful Websites for Kentucky Church

Kentucky, Church Marriages, 1824-1995
Kentucky, Church Records, 1818-1995

Helpful Websites for Louisiana Church

Louisiana Church Records, 1836-1938

Helpful Websites for Maine Church

Maine, Church Records, 1734-1907

Helpful Websites for Maryland Church

Maryland, Church Records, 1668-1995

Helpful Websites for Massachusetts Church

Massachusetts, Church Records, 1630-1943

Helpful Websites for Michigan Church

Michigan Church Marriages, 1865-1931
Michigan, Church Records, 1819-1991

Helpful Websites for Minnesota Church

Minnesota, Church Records, 1798-1991

Helpful Websites for Mississippi Church

Mississippi, Church Records, 1910-1919

Helpful Websites for Missouri Church

Missouri, Church Records, 1827-2004

Helpful Websites for Nebraska Church

Nebraska, Church Records, 1875-1899

Helpful Websites for New Hampshire Church

New Hampshire, Church Records, 1771-1905

Helpful Websites for New Jersey Church

New Jersey, Calvary United Methodist Church Records, 1821-2003
New Jersey, Church Records, 1675-1970

Helpful Websites for New Mexico Church

New Mexico, Catholic Church Records, 1701-1956

Helpful Websites for New York Church

New York, Buffalo, St. Paul's Episcopal Church Records, 1812-1970
New York, Church Records, 1660-1954
New York, Church and Civil Births and Baptisms, 1704-1962
New York, Church and Civil Deaths, 1824-1962
New York, Church and Civil Marriages, 1704-1995
New York, Frank S. Rowland Church Register, 1889-1917
New York, New York City, Church of the Transfiguration Records, 1847-1938
New York, New York City, Saint Peter's Lutheran Church Records, 1862-1955

Helpful Websites for North Carolina Church

North Carolina, Church Records, 1700-1970

Helpful Websites for Ohio Church

Ohio, Church Records, 1762-2008
Ohio, Church and Civil Births and Baptisms, 1765-1947
Ohio, Church and Civil Deaths, 1833-1967
Ohio, Cleveland, Trinity Lutheran Church Records, 1853-2013
Ohio, Crawford County Church Records, 1853-2007
Ohio, Diocese of Toledo, Catholic Parish Records, 1796-2004
Ohio, Grace Episcopal Church Records, 1880-1980

Helpful Websites for Oklahoma Church

Oklahoma, Church Records, 1897-1984

Helpful Websites for Oregon Church

Oregon, Church Records, 1853-1874

Helpful Websites for Pennsylvania Church

Pennsylvania, Church Marriages, 1682-1976

Helpful Websites for Puerto Rico Church

Puerto Rico, Catholic Church Records, 1645-1969

Helpful Websites for South Dakota Church

South Dakota, Church Records, 1875-1993

Helpful Websites for Tennessee Church

Tennessee Church Marriages, 1810-1965
Tennessee, Church Records, 1816-1995

Helpful Websites for Texas Church

Texas, Church Marriages, 1839-1982
Texas, Church Records, 1845-1957
Texas, Church Records, 1852-1994

Helpful Websites for Utah Church

Utah, Church Records, 1915-1972
Utah, FamilySearch, Early Church Information File, 1830-1900

Helpful Websites for Virgin Islands Church

Virgin Islands US, Church Records, 1765-2010

Helpful Websites for Virginia Church

Virginia, Petersburg, Gillfield Baptist Church Record, 1827-1906

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