Spyware Blocking
Stephen P. Morse, San Francisco


Some spyware blockers are mistakenly identifying some sites that I link to as spyware and that is causing the functions provided on my site to be inoperable.  I can assure you that neither my site nor the ones that I link to are doing any spying.

I've developed a fix for this problem.  If you trust that I'm not going to do anything malicious to your machine, you can download and execute that fix and it will remove my site from the list of suspected spyware sites.  Simply press the download button shown at the bottom of this page and click on "RUN" when it asks you if you want to run or save this file.  (Note: with some browsers you are not given the choice to run the program directly.  Instead you must save it to your hard disk and then execute it from there.)  You'll probably get a message saying "The publisher could not be verified", in which case you simply press the "RUN" button in that message.  The message occurs because I don't have a digital signature to sign my code with, so your browser couldn't verify me.

If you don't trust me, then please don't run the fix.  It's very risky to download and execute untrusted code because any code that can run on your computer has the ability to erase files and play other havoc with your machine.  My code does not do any of these things, but I have no way of offering you any proof of this.

-- Steve Morse 

© Stephen P. Morse, 2004