The 1933 German Towns Project
Compiled by Peter Landé


In the 1980s the International Tracing Service in Bad Arolsen, Germany wrote letters to mayors and other officials of West German counties and towns asking them to list the Jewish inhabitants of their communities in 1933, i.e. pre-Hitler, and, to the extent known, the fate of these Jews. This collection includes the reports created by those local towns received by the International Tracing Service.

The information on each individual varies in detail. In almost all cases, dates and places of birth, as well as dates of death, where known, are listed. (In some cases street addresses were provided but these have not been entered into the database). Where it was known that an individual had been deported, this is noted, though a check of other material indicates that the compilers were not aware that many persons on the lists had been deported. Accordingly, researchers should always check other sources of information, such as the German Government’s Gedenkbuch, before concluding that a person had not been deported.


This database includes 46,739 records from 262 towns. The towns and number of records included are as follows:


The fields for this database are as follows:

Record #
Source Town Name
Given Name
Maiden Name
Date of Birth
Place of Birth
Date of Death
Place of Death
Other Surnames
All Towns


The information contained in this database was compiled from International Tracing Service files held at the United States Holocaust Museum, collection under the direction of Peter Landé.

A team of volunteers has been performing data entry work to create this data set. The volunteers are Carol Baird, Nicole Heymanns, Gary Mokotoff, Hans Nord, Irene Peters, Vera Nagel, Peter Strauss, Inge Wiesen, and Robert Winter.

© Peter Landé, 2012