Generating a Jewish Marriage Contract in One Step
(A Do-It-Yourself Ketubah)

Stephen P. Morse, San Francisco

To enter Hebrew text, select a Hebrew field and then type using this keyboard

red = required information

City/State (English) Country (English) City/State (Hebrew) Country (Hebrew)
Month Day Year  
After sundown

  Given Name(s) Father's Given Name(s) Father's Surname Mother's Given Name(s) Mother's Maiden Name
Groom (English)
Bride (English)
Groom (Hebrew)
Bride (Hebrew)

Groom's father is a     Bride's father is a     Bride is a (see faq #2)

Marriage gift from groom to bride silver zuzim (typically 200 for virgins, 100 for all others)
Value of bride's dowry silver zuzim (typically 100 for virgins, 50 for all others)
Amount that groom is adding to dowry silver zuzim (typically 100 for virgins, 50 for all others)

Bride's father is currently alive (see faq #11)
Bride's mother is currently alive (see faq #11)
Include Lieberman clause (conservative marriages) (see faq #7)

Show ketubah body     Show filled-in information     Split Hebrew text into paragraphs
Hebrew text is    
English text is    

Use Custom Hebrew Font

Make sure selected font is installed
  If you want the filled-in information to be handwritten (cursive) and the rest typed
  1. Install both Ain Yiddish Font Traditional and Ain Yiddish Font Cursive
  2. Select "mixed" in the list to the left


Thanks to the following for answering my many questions
Moshe Carmeli, Haifa
Jean-Pierre Stroweis, Jerusalem
© Stephen P. Morse, 2011