Obtaining AD/ED for the 1890-1925 New York State Census in One Step

Stephen P. Morse, PhD   Joel D. Weintraub, PhD   David R. Kehs, PhD

Data provided by C. Marie Taylor of the LDS church,
Suzanne Danet, Elise Friedman,
and a team of volunteers.

AD = Assembly District, ED = Election District
(for 1892, AD is the Ward Number)

Bronx Brooklyn Manhattan Queens Staten Island
1890 X    
1892 X X ? X
1905 X X
X means census records did not survive
? means we could not find descriptions of the districts

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1890 Census includes Manhattan and western part of the Bronx
1890 Census information comes from the following book by Howard Jensen
Aid to Finding Addresses in the 1890 New York City Police Census

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