Viewing ObamaCare-Compliant Health Plans in One Step

Stephen P. Morse, San Francisco

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To determine your subsidy, see the SUBSIDY CALCULATOR below
To see Consumer Reports rating, click on issuer's name
To see plan details, click on plan name or check the "Show details" button


To see if you qualify for a subsidy, enter the following information
Number of people in household   (total number, even if not all will be covered)
Modified Adjusted Gross Income $   (total for entire family for the year of coverage)

Plan data comes from Value Penguin
Ratings come from Consumer Reports
Age bands come from The Center fore Medicare and Medicaid Services.
Tobacco ratios come from The Center for Consumer Information & Insurance Oversight
Poverty level guidelines come from Health & Human Services
Family Tier rules come from The Center fore Medicare and Medicaid Services

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