Applying 2016-2018 Tax Brackets in One Step

Stephen P. Morse, San Francisco

This calculator uses the tax brackets for various years to compute the federal tax for any income up to one million dollars. The years covered are 2016, 2017, and 2018. There are two 2018 calculations -- one is based on the tax brackets under the old tax plan and the other is based on the tax brackets under the new tax plan.

These calculations give the tax before any credits are applied. It also does not take into account the loss of the personal exemption, the doubling of the standard deduction, the deductibility of state and local taxes, or any of the other numerous changes in the new plan.

Filing Status:    Single    Married filing jointly    Married filing separately    Head of household

Taxable Income:    thousand,   dollars   

Federal Tax

Data presented here comes from
2007-2017 old plan.
2018 old plan.
2018 old plan.
2018 new plan.

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