Viewing New York City Tax Photos in One Step
Photographs of all the houses in New York in 1940 as well as in the mid 1980s

Stephen P. Morse, San Francisco

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If you have not specified the block and lot, you might get no photos or photos from the wrong block and/or lot.
That is because the underlying site will calculate the block and lot from the address you entered,
and it sometimes gets the wrong answer.
If that happens, use the following button to explicitly calculate the block and lot after you've entered an address.
For example, if you enter 623 East 96 St, Brooklyn and don't enter the block and lot,
the underlying site incorrectly calculates the block and lot to be 4757, 7.
If you use the above button, the correct block and lot (4756, 26) will be filled in for you.

[Second thoughts] The underlying site has now corrected the problem with 623 East 96 St, Brooklyn.
But there are probably other addresses that still have this problem.

Another example is 8914 Avenue N in Brooklyn. The underlying site reports none found.
However if you use the above button to get the block and lot number, you will get the photos.
This problem occurs for all addresses on Avenue N.
Warning: If the address no longer exists, the above button will give incorrect results.

Images presented here comes from NYC Department of Records & Information Services.
Block/Lot calculations presented here comes from

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