Unified Census ED Finder
(Obtaining the Census Enumeration District for an 1880 to 1950 Location in One Step)

Stephen P. Morse, PhD  &  Joel D. Weintraub, PhD

Enter as much of the location as you know
If you select your city from the list of cities displayed, you will be able to enter street-level information
If you select "other" from the city list, you will be able to type in your city or town name

State     County     City or Town

ED numbers corresponding to your location


This tool incorporates the results of the following four One-Step tools
Obtaining Large City EDs in One-Step
Obtaining ED Definitions in One Step
Converting between 1930 and 1940 Census EDs in One Step
Converting between 1920 and 1930 Census EDs in One Step
For assistance deciding which of our 1940 Census One-Step tools to use, see our Tutorial Quiz
For more help in determining the ED, see our One-Step 1940 ED Maps tool and our One-Step Census Tracts tool

A special thanks to our volunteers for all the work that they did on this project

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