Kartuz-Bereza, Our Town Memorial Book
(English Translation)

Original Hebrew text of Kartuz-Bereza, Our Town Memorial Book, was coordinated by Chaim ben Israel and published in Tel-Aviv l993 by the Organization of Emigrants from Kartuz Bereza in Israel under the title,  "Kartuz-Bereza; sefer zikaron ve-edut le-kehilah she-husmedah hy"d".  This translation was authorized by the publisher.

-- Steve Morse
Table of Contents, pages 3-6
Introduction, pages 7-10
Chapter 1, pages 11-30        The City and it's Birth
Chapter 2, pages 31-72        The life of the Community
Chapter 3, pages 73-106      The Beginning of Zionism
Chapter 4, pages 107-146     Personal Recollections
Chapter 5, pages 147-178     Personal Images
Chapter 6, pages 179-236     Destruction of the City
Chapter 7, pages 237-238     The War with the Nazis
Chapter 8, pages 239-280     The Survivors
Index, pages 281-290
English Summary pages 291-292
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