Street Map of Kartuz Bereza Before 1942

from the
l993 Memorial Book of Kartuz Bereza
published by the
Organization of Emigrants from Kartuz Bereza
Tel-Aviv, Israel, l993

 House Map of Bereza (for Netscape browsers)
 House Map of Bereza (for Microsoft browsers -- left side)
 House Map of Bereza (for Microsoft browsers -- right side)

This map was included as a fold-out in the 1993 Bereza Memorial Book.  It is a detailed street map and is annotated in Hebrew.  It lists the head-of-household of each house.  Map is oriented with North-West on top.
 Section Labels and Street Names for Map
Defines labels for each section of the map so that they can be referred to in the name lists.
Gives transliterated (and sometimes translated) names of streets
 List of Names ordered by Section
A transliterated list of all the names appearing on the map for each section.  Includes places (e.g., Flour Mill, Jailhouse) as well as names.
 Alphabetical Name List
Same list as above but in alphabetical order.
 Kartuz Bereza Ghetto List
The list of names of the Bereza Residents was published in the 1993 Bereza Memorial Book, pages 213-235.  It includes not only names of heads of household, but family members and occupations as well.  Here is a transliteration/translation of that list.  With minor noted exceptions, these names agree with the names on the map.
 Memorial Plaques
Translation of text appearing on the right-hand side of the map, in the forest.
Map and memorial book was produced by the former residents of Bereza, namely Moshe Tuchman, Shmuel Tinari, Chaim Ben Israel et. al.
Names on map were transliterated by Diane Glazer Jacobs and proofread by Jay Lenefsky
Streets on the map were transliterated/translated by Bernard Wassertzug
Translation of Hebrew text on the map was done independently by Jay Lenefsky and Bernard Wassertzug
Kartuz Bereza Ghetto List was transliterated by Ellen Sadove Renck and Jay Lenefsky
October, l999