Street Map of Antepolia Before 1942

from the
l972 Memorial Book of Antopol
published by the
Antopol Committee in Israel
Tel-Aviv, Israel, 1972

House Map of Antopol (for Netscape browsers)

House Map of Antopol (for Microsoft browsers -- top half)
House Map of Antopol (for Microsoft browsers -- bottom half)

This map was included as a fold-out in the 1972 Antopol Memorial Book.  It is a detailed street map and is annotated in Yiddish.  It lists the head-of-household of each house.  Map is oriented with East on top.
 Map Key
An abridged map showing the transliterated names of the streets appearing on the map.

Also includes numbers referencing places of interest and other desciptive text appearing on the map.

For clarity, the text on the map corresponding to passageways (e.g. "passageway from Pinsker Street to Market") have been omited.  Some passageways on the map have house numbers but no names.  For reference sake, they have been given artificial names such as "passageway 1", etc.

 List of Names ordered by Street Address
A transliterated list of all the names appearing on the map for each street.  Addresses ending in a letter (e.g., 29a Kavkezer) do not actually appear on the map but represent a name on the map with no number appearing adjacent to some other address.
 Alphabetical Name List
Same list as above but in alphabetical order.
Descriptive Texts and Places of Interest
A translation of all interesting text appearing on the map.  Some of the text describes places of interest whereas others give informative details.  The map key above indicates where each of these texts appear on the map.
October, l999