BEREZA (Kartuz-Berezer) & ANTOPOL (Antipolia)
Stephen P. Morse ( )

From street-level maps of Antopol and Bereza to extensive maps of Grodno Giburnia.


Histories of Antopol, Bereza, and Kobrin found in encyclopedias, yizkor books, etc

Yizkor Books

1993 Bereza Memorial Book (Hebrew, English)
1972 and 2003 Antopol Memorial Book (English)

 Antopol Map of Houses

Map annotated in Yiddish (from 1972 Antopol Memorial Book).  Lists residents as of 1942.

Bereza Map of Houses

Map annotated in Hebrew (from 1993 Bereza Memorial Book).  Lists residents as of 1942

Drawings of Antopol Map and Shul

Handmade drawings by Yehosha Warshaw, annotated in Yiddish. 

 Gubernya and Uezd

Terms used to define regions in the Jewish Pale

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 Antopol, Bereza, & Kobrin Photo Album

Photos of People and places

Antepoler Association Incorporation Papers

Photocopies of various incorporation papers between 1906 and 1910

Kartuz Berezer Association Incorporation Papers

Photocopies and transcriptions of the 1896 and 1908 incorporation papers

Bereza Cemetery Data

List compiled from tombstones in Kartuz-Berezer Society plots in New York City cemeteries. 

Antopol Holocaust Memorial

Memorial in Montefiore Cemetery, Queens

Bereza Area Research Group (BARG)

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Coming to America

Ellis Island records for Bereza and Antopol

This information is provided by the Bereza Area Research Group (BARG) . Bereza is in the Pruzhany District of Grodno Gubernia of  Belarus.

Other websites:    Bereza livejournal (English)    Bereza livejournal (Russian)

Alternate names/spellings
     Bereza, Bereze, Byaroza, Bjaroza, Barosa, Cartuskaya Bereza, Kartusskaya Bereza, Kartuz-Bereza, Kartuz Breze, Bereza Kartuska, Bereza Kartuzskaya
     Antopol, Antipol, Antipolia, Antepolia, Antepolie, Antepole
     Belarus, Belorus, Belorussia, Byelorussia, White Russia